Italian post-metal veterans The Blank Canvas are set to release their second album studio album Dark Mirage on February 18 2022 via Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.

An unprecedented scenario made of broken grooves, heavy and elegant riffs, sharp electronics, a direct and piercing vocal performance, Dark Mirage, the new album by The Blank Canvas, aims to envelop the listener in a dystopian and distressing narrative.

Strongly influenced by the cosmic horror imagery read in a modern key and produced by the skilled hands of Riccardo “Paso” Pasini (Ephel Duath, Nero di Marte, The Secret), at Studio73 in Ravenna, Dark Mirage represents a decisive step forward in the evolution of the band adding new heavy material to their bold sonic architectures.

Of their video ‘Unknown Star System’, directed by Roberta Palmieri, the band say: “[We wanted] to depict the rebel cry of nature, a bellow from the stars, a gaze towards the monstrous transfiguration of the sky. In a yellow apocalypse, the sky is no more a hopeful horizon to fathom for a brighter future, but a tangled vision of chaos and directionless lines.

“We shot the video in a couple of days between sunset and dawn in October. In those cold hours we enjoyed the silence of the Apennines; the staff of the observatory (GAMP) gave us permission to use its spaces and welcomed us with warmth, sharing their astronomical secrets by showing us some incredible pics and shots never seen before…

“The footage we shot in those days, together with the sharp and suspensive sounds of The Blank Canvas and the wonderful drawings of Elena Degl’Innocenti, merged to create the inscrutable, bleak, apocalyptic world of ‘Unknown Star System’.”

Dark Mirage will be release on February 18 via Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

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