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I’ve been doing bits and bobs on music for about 10 years-still learning, still insufficient knowledge!

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Bill MacCormick: Making It Up As You Go Along: Notes From a Bass Imposter

If you want a big hearted, kind, amusing book that expands out from an easily neglected experimental, adventurous stream of music to discuss Britain now and in the 60s and 70s this could be the book for you.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VIII. Personas.

In a sophisticated act of appropriation and detournement he managed to bring these two aspects together in his performance art as the ‘Biggles of Arabia’ persona; a composite figure visually constructed from historic images of hegemonic masculinity but who was actively engaged in propagating a world view that was in opposition to the capitalist system and the militarist nation state.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VII. Post Hawkwind Recordings.

Robert was a multidisciplinary artist of remarkable talent and diverse skills with an unusual level of productivity.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VI. Theatre.

The subject matter of Robert Calvert’s plays and intended plays evidence his political and social concerns that often found their way into Hawkwind songs. Concerns and awareness about corporate and government corruption, self perception and presentation, the deleterious effects of capitalist consumerism, technology and ethics often underpinned Robert’s writing and intended writing.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work V. Collaborations.

Robert Calvert was frequently in collaborations and continually in conversation with the world around him, his work often inspired and influenced by the work of other writers.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work IV. Calvert and Temporality.

Calvert’s writings frequently explore ‘time’ and how it is experienced by the individual. From In Search of Space to the intriguing line, ‘sideways through time’, in ‘Silver Machine’, to the experience of a striking worker on Freq, Calvert plays with and explores the relationship of humanity with the past, present and future.

Temporality and Class in Hawklords’ 25 Years On

Tim Foster dives into one of the great post punk/new wave albums, ’25 Years On’, released in 1978 by Hawklords.

Maria-Christina Harper from Harper Trio

Tim Forster talks with Maria-Christina Harper, founder of the experimental Harper Trio, and discuses spiritual and psych jazz, the advantages of intrumental only music, and their new album, Passing By.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work III

Robert Calvert’s work does engage with moral questions and give expression to his own views and positions on a variety on issues ranging from capitalism, state violence, racism, corruption to vivisection.

The Art School Dance Goes On: Leeds Post-Punk 1977-84

It would work as a stand alone documentation of an extraordinarily experimental and creative time and place but of course works best as an accompanying piece to No Machos or Pop Stars.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work II

This article will look at Robert Calvert’s lyrics, poetry, prose and interviews from the perspective of futurology or future studies.

Peter Gabriel – O2 Arena, London.

The underlying characteristics of Gabriel’s tour 2023 are courage, humility and trust. . . in an individualised, alienated, competitive political economy it was an evening that subtly pointed to other, better models of society.

Megson: The Cut – Halesworth

makingmusic.org.uk comments: “The flexible and democratic nature of folk music. . . has given it a political dimension that persists today” . . .Megson are proof of that claim, their song writing dealing with the mundane and everyday but also engaged with contemporary working class experiences and struggles in a way that parallels Ruts DC.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work

In October 1978 I went to see Hawklords at Leicester De Montfort Hall, I was blown away…central to it was Robert Calvert, the most charismatic and convincing frontman I have ever seen. It maybe possible, through tracking reoccurring themes and interviews, to get a clearer idea of the writer’s views.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is an intriguing, engaging piece of performance art that speaks to us in 2023 about gender, relationships, consumer capitalism’s baleful effects on our self esteem and the power of social media.

25 Years On: Hawklords

By drawing on European avant garde resources in the construction of their art and music Hawklords were able to articulate both the alienation and mundanity of labour under capitalism and an internationalist revolutionary working class position in opposition to (transnational) capital.

Simon Strange – Blank Canvas: Art School Creativity From Punk To New Wave

A superb relook at the importance of the avant-garde and radical arts pedagogy in an important period in UK arts, art education and music.

Marie Arleth Skov

Marie Arleth Skov is a Danish art historian living in Berlin who recently wrote the book ‘Punk Art History: Artworks from the European No Future Generation’. Tim Foster spoke with Marie about punk art and the themes explored in the book.

Test Dept – The Piper, St Leonards, East Sussex

This was one of the most intense, important, relevant multimedia performance art installations you will ever see. The musicians as both aural creators and canvas for a stream of projections. Visual art, sonic sculptures, nuanced intelligent interrogations of neoliberal capitalism and its baleful effects. An alarm call for a soporific society. A destruction of the Ideological State Apparatus.

Essential Logic: Logically Yours / Land of Kali

Tim Foster dives into the life and career of Lora Logic and Essential Logic.

Ruts DC – Counterculture?

On this album Ruts DC reaffirm their position as part of that Counterculture.

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