Anna Sage by Anna Sage

Release date: April 15, 2022
Label: Self-Released

I can’t help but express my appreciation for the French scene whenever I review a band from the country. It has been very kind to lovers of all ‘post’ genres over the decades and with self-titled third album Anna Sage is added to the illumaries of this continued success. With its third album Anna Sage has created a slice of post-hardcore that swings into the chaotic and is an album which is memorable, mesmerising and a great reminder of what these genres have to offer.

In a crowded market having tracks which stick in the mind is as crucial as managing to meet the expectations of originality. Whilst Anna Sage has a number of calling points, its caustic riffs wipe out any thoughts of copying. Opener ‘The Holy Mice’ swings between Dillinger Escape Plan pace, Converge volatility and Birds In Row passion but within its own design. The fact that one track throws to memory three such great acts without even describing the whole song shows the depths contained throughout.


One of my favourite aspects of the album is the immediacy of the songs, usually within the first few bars a great identifiable riff or drum roll immediately alerts you as to which song is going to unfold, this ability to make music so urgent but so memorable without forcefully trying too hard is absolute testament to the skills within this band. I could go song to song mentioning my favourite parts but it is near impossible to highlight anything that is better than the rest, every single song is a sorcerer yet the album never burns out.

Anna Sage has made an album of an insanely high quality. It manages to convey empathy and energy, ferocious passion and anger whilst never contrived, never copied and extremely memorable. Not only will this rank highly in my end of year charts but it will be an album that stays memorable for a long long time.

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