Everything by Ginla

Release date: March 25, 2022
Label: No Content

Essentially, somnambulism is simply defined as sleepwalking, but many people stretch that definition to that often undefined state between sleep and waking life.

This might be exactly the state that Toronto / Brooklyn duo Ginla are trying to define musically with their second album Everything.

Joe Manzoli and Jon Nellen might have been fully awake when they recorded the album (partly jointly in the studio, partly remotely, due to the pandemic) but they have certainly been able to recreate that nether world where reality and dreams unnoticeably shift between each other. 


All of the 11 tracks here sound like a soundtrack for the twilight zone, not just the legendary TV series, but also the possible real/unreal one that might exist out there. It might be due to the help of Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear), who helped out with the mixing of the album or Big Thief’s Adrienne Lenker who adds her vocals to ‘Carousel’, but  Everything is essentially Manzoli’s and Nellen’s creation.

Throughout, the instruments and vocals drift in and out, constantly recreating the state between sleep and being awake, with the shifting process being smooth and almost unnoticeable, seemingly creating exactly the effect Ginla were going for.

Possibly, Manzoli’s and Nellen’s idea was to tell us that, behind the curtain of the familiar, we will always find the incomprehensible. Maybe Ginla are not trying to either define or understand that incomprehensible, but just tells us that it exists, and they have certainly succeeded in doing that on Everything.

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