All Else Fails by Stelios Vassiloudis

Release date: March 25, 2022
Label: Balance Music

Greek composer, producer and DJ Stelios Vassiloudis matches dire times with a fitting title for his new album release – All Else Fails. Since it is an instrumental album, we can fill in the meaning blanks as we find fit. Yet, here, maybe what Stelios had in mind was (if) all else fails, (resort to some good music).

And that just might be exactly what he is trying to achieve here. What he comes up with some quite elegant, subdued post-rock, that combines all the elements of what Vassiloudis does, composing, producing and DJ-ing.

Vassiloudis’ ten year background in music definitely shows here he moves a few steps away from his distinct dance music output and moves in the direction of combining his obvious love of original krautrock masters, particularly Michael Rother and his guitar stylings, combining them with the post-rock developments brought in by the likes of Labradford and Godspeed! You Black Emperor at their more subdued. 


Of course, there is always space there for post-modern classical/ electronic combination there, like on ‘Mother’.

Discussing his idea behind the album, Stelios points out: “If there’s one consistent modus operandi I try to adhere to, I’d say it’s to create music with purpose… It seems like such a waste to make something intentionally generic or unoriginal.”  

And actually, here Vassiloudis transforms whatever inspiration and musical background he has into something quite inspiring for his listeners.

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