Voyeurs in the Dark by Barzin

Release date: April 22, 2022
Label: Monotreme Records

Toronto’s Barzin has been around for a while, and including Voyeurs in the Dark, his most recent, fifth album, he’s been quietly making some of the more plaintive, subdued rock, that musically often covers quite a lot of ground.

Now, that ‘quietly’ description covers both the way he approaches his songwriting, but also the impact he made so far. Yet, those listeners who did venture into his albums can confirm the result that ‘quietly’ term usually has on them. His songs, lyrics and vocal delivery seem to, also quietly, crawl under their skin.

Whether that is exactly the effect Barzin tries to achieve is besides the point, it simply happens.


With quite a taste and knowledge, Barzin seems to pick up musical pieces from wherever they might be coming, whether it is rock, pop, jazz or electronica (more of it, this time around) and fits them in, again, quietly, into his musical concept.

Still, throughout all of his albums so far, he has been able to come up with a specific strand that can be characterised and recognised as something specifically belonging to his concept.

And it all, as melancholic as it is, has a specific charm and appeal, not only due to his songwriting and vocals but also the poetic charm of his lyrics. No wonder that  his record company decided to include a free limited edition 27-page booklet of poems by Barzin, Playboys in the Holyland with physical copies of the album.

Essentially, it turns out that Voyeurs in the Dark is a fitting title to this album, since the music, as the night itself, here quietly creeps under the listeners’ skin. Again.

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