Blunt Chunks, the project of Toronto-based Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (Jaunt) will release her self-titled debut EP on May 6 via Telephone Explosion Records. The new EP, which can be downloaded here, also features members of The Weather Station, Broken Social Scene, Scott Hardware, Luna Li, Hooded Fang and more.

“The EP is about not knowing how to love properly, then being frustrated when heartbreak happens,” Woelfle-O’Brien explains. “It’s about escapism, and wanting to be the best person you can be; not just for not just yourself, but for the people around you. I’d like to say I’m writing from a place of joy and gratitude, but I’m not writing from a place of hunger, and sorrow, and stubbornness. A big theme for me is continuing a dedication to love despite everything, not quite in a Christian way, but in a bell hooks way.”

We thought it was about time we found out more about what inspires Caitlin’s creative output, so we asked her to share three albums albums that have greatly influenced her in music and also, it transpires, in love. . .

Angel Olsen – Half Way Home

This album was shown to me by the person I was heartbroken / infatuated with at the time, and whom my first series of love songs were about. . . so I was listening to this stuff a lot and it naturally influenced my songs.

I LOVE Angel Olsen and these songs still mess me up. I can’t even listen to them because it brings back all the feelings. You know when an album defines your relationship and feelings for a person? Yeah… I’m super grateful because it was the first time I heard music like this. Simple, deep, heart-breaking. . . it seemed accessible and these songs really defined an era.

Aaliyah – Aaliyah


I am a true Aaliyah “Stan” and will always and forever love her. I honestly didn’t really understand anything she was talking about on this album because I was 11, but I loved every  second and I would play it over and over. I think it was the first real sophisticated R&B pop album  I ever solidly listened to. It introduced me to a whole new world. I guess it really influenced me  to write soulful love songs. I just remember no one my age really knowing about Aaliyah and then BAM! this album came out and it was the hottest thing, and then BAM! she was gone, and  we were all forever heartbroken.

My favourite song is ‘More Than A Woman’ which is basically  the most perfect pop song, the height of formulaic pop. The music video is INSANE. I made a lil’ guitar loop of the chords ages ago and loaded it into my sampler and I often do a cover of it that  is a true joy to play.  

Hanson – Middle of Nowhere

OK there are some really solid tracks on this album, if you love uplifting, soulful pop.This also was my first clue I am queer. I was eight, and I was in love with Zach, the one that looked most like a girl. I truly was a superfan. Singing along to these songs inspired my earliest  understanding of pop/soul. The yellow album cover is burned into my brain. Favourites off the album include ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Lucy’ and ‘Madeline’. They just make me so happy! I can’t  explain it – it’s a feeling. 

Looking back on them, it’s a bit cringe, but I have to be honest, Hanson started it all for me.

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