Aida by Maïa Barouh

Release date: October 21, 2022
Label: Saravah Records

Trip-hop as a term seems to be waning these days, and post-trip hop doesn’t seem to have gained ground as a genre. Yet, the music that is firmly grounded in the original genre that was all the rage during the second part of the nineties and early part of the new century seems to not only be around but evolving on a regular basis.

French artist Maïa Barouh is the daughter of French film composer Pierre Barouh one of the founders of Saravah Records and collaborator of Brigitte Fontaine with whom he came up with some of the best cutting-edge modern French music. She seems to be the one who is both consciously and intuitively working on developing music that is somehow rooted in trip-hop.


All this is revealed on Aida, her latest album, which seems to have a bundle of inspiration in a combination of musical strands that are inspired by the eccentric Tokyo underground scene, traditional folk singing, tribal grooves, French rap and electronic elements.

After all, Aida means “between” in Japanese, and Barouh obviously consciously sets her music between these genres. And while potentially this can be a recipe for disaster, Barouh navigates her music combination admirably throughout the album, and not unlike her father, comes up with some modern, skillfully detailed music “between” the genres.

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