Everybody’s Thinking by Simon Rowe

Release date: February 3, 2023
Label: Big Potato Records

There’s now a tradition of artists trying to continue the line of sophisticated psych-pop set back in the sixties by trailblazers like Syd Barrett, both from his work with early Pink Floyd or his two shamble-like two solo album masterpieces. Of course, there were a number of artists then and later on, that followed that trail and often perfected that line of musical thinking.

With his solo debut, Everybody’s Thinking, former Chapterhouse and Mojave 3 member Simon Rowe, not only seems but definitely does continue that line.

Ten detailed layered psych pop/rock tracks here were recorded in collaboration with help from all members of Chapterhouse Andrew Sheriff, Ashley Bates, and Stephen Patman and drumming assistance from Ian McCutcheon (Mojave 3 / HOO), along with recording help from Neil Halstead (Slowdive / Mojave 3) and bass playing from Hamish Brown (Revolver).


While the fact that Rowe played in two bands that definitely fall into the said ‘Barrett tradition’, the fact that the songs he presents here are so easily flowing and layered may not just lie with the experience he has and the help of his old bandmates, but also with his almost immaculate songwriting, which often includes other elements, like subtle folk references (including the album title’s subtle one to the iconic Fred Neil song).

Songs like ‘Saturn saw Us’ or ‘Over & Over’ are just great psych pop/rock that simply begs repeated listens. An excellent solo debut that begs more from Rowe of this type of psych-pop.

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