Photo: David Holmqvist

Orsak:Oslo is one of those hidden gems, always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. They have been lurking around the underground for years, steadily pawing their way with their mellow, laidback, but yet intense groove.

Their first full-length album, In Irons is a powerful statement of creativity and resilience in the face of long-term separation. After being apart for years due to restrictions on the Norwegian/Swedish border following the pandemic, the band reunited in Oslo to record a weekend-long jam session that resulted in a raw and emotional collection of songs.

Moulded by life on the Nordic coast, Orsak:Oslo‘s connection to the sea runs deep. However, In Irons is anything but your typical beach-friendly summer record. With its grinding nature and dystopian themes, this album is a compelling departure from the expected.

Working with the new Norwegian label Vinter Records, the band has crafted a cohesive, full-length album that showcases their unique sound and flavour. The band is gearing up for a Scandinavian tour following the album launch where fans can get the full experience live and up close, with release parties in both Oslo and Gothenburg. Check out the tour dates below and get ready for In Irons!

The band comment:

After being apart for so long due to the pandemic, it was a pretty emotional and powerful experience to finally come together and make music again. This album is something like a snapshot of our creative process during a unique moment in time when we were able to reconnect and finally start creating together again after years apart. We always try to capture the spontaneity and energy of a live performance, and that’s what we did by writing and recording all of the basis tracks in a single weekend. . . We can’t wait to take these new songs on the road and share them with people. It’s going to be a special tour, and we hope to see as many people as possible.


In Irons is released on April 27, 2023 via Vinter Records, and can be pre-ordered here.

Tour dates: May 26th Folken, Stavanger, Norway (w/King Buffalo) • May 27th Hulen, Bergen, Norway (w/King Buffalo) • June 1st Blå, Oslo, Norway (Release party) • June 2nd Apollon, Tønsberg, Norway • June 3rd Siste Reis, Halden, Norway • June 16th Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden (Release party, w/Dead In Love) • Sept 15th Kafe De Luxe, Växsjö, Sweden • Nov 3rd Raahuset, Copenhagen, Denmark (w/MoE) MORE DATES TBA SOON!

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