Photo by Paul Verhagen

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Utrecht based Terzij de Horde combine an amalgam of progressive black and doom metal with a rawness reminiscent of extreme hardcore or chaotic screamo. Ggu:ll is a doom band from Tilburg, infusing a wide variety of heavy music into their overwhelming minimalistic music full of thundering riffs, crushing drums and anguished growls and screams.

Both members of the Consouling Sounds family and long-time-friends, the bands merged their musical outcome in this unique collaboration. Not just splitting one record between two bands, but exchanging music and instruments to create new exclusive songs. The collaboration was proudly presented as a one-off performance at Roadburn Festival 2022, now thanks to Consouling Sounds, the physical release of this musical experiment will be released on coloured 10-inch vinyl this coming April 22nd.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the track ‘Poison Arrow’ below. On this track Ggu:ll has taken the drums from the Terzij de Horde song ‘Cheiron’ (which was released on their last album In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy) and written their own track from this called ‘Poison Arrow’. 


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