Immundissime Spiritus by Grave Desecrator

Release date: May 12, 2023
Label: From Deepest Records

The extreme metal from the South American continent always contains a certain spiced blood boiling vibe. The Brazilian death/black metal vendors of Grave Desecrator deliver with their fourth full-length album Immundissime Spiritus a pile of darkened hate and violence. The Rio de Janeiro-based band wanted to maintain complete control over their extreme art and decided to release their latest album through their own Caverna de Sangue Productions label. Immundissime Spiritus is being licensed to labels from different countries  to ensure widespread distribution. (For Europe through the Swiss label From Deepest Records)

Immundissime Spiritus has a brutal and haunting atmosphere which explodes uncompromised into the face. Grave Desecrator generates a raw sound with thrash metal influences of the almost forgotten American bands from the 90’s like E-X-E and Nocturnus (without keyboards). The vehement content of the music and lyrics about Satanism, occultism, death, lust and darkness holds a slovenly vibe (thinking about the Italian death metal band Venenum).

The four Brazilian demons Butcherazor (vocals, guitar), Mkult (drums), N. Wicked (bass) and A. Círio Sacrilege (guitar) submerge the listener in malicious cacophonies of damnation and diabolic serenades. Butcherazor rages like a wounded polar bear next to a wall of heavy riffs, speed metal orientated guitar solos and a pounding rhythm section. To make the record more irreverent and filthier, Grave Desecrator offers a putrid cover of GG Allin’s infamous ‘Fuck the Dead’.

And yes we are addicted to this awesome piece of demonic work. Grave Desecrator is a band with a slow but an assured stamp of quality, it took seven years to release the successor of Dust To Lust. Well, Sepultura kicked our butt decades ago with Arise, another Brazilian band did it again and now even harder. Grave Desecrator exhales pure evil darkness with this blasphemous cult album.

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