Patsker Omaer Beguin

Became a resident of Earth (Belgium) in 1966. Growing up with the rock and hard rock music of the 70’s he listened to through an old 8 track cassette player. Bought the first record when he was 12 years old. From that moment on it never stopped. Especially rock, hard rock, metal, punk and new wave were eagerly consumed. In the mid-1980s, a broader interest in electronic music began to emerge. There was also some more financial room to purchase records and CDs. Electro, experimental, soundtracks and ambient were added. David Sylvian is still his number one artist. From the 90s until now, the love for more extreme music grew. Black metal, death metal, avant-garde, industrial, dark ambient and minimal are among the genres. Was a reviewer for the former Belgian English-language Merchants Of Air Webzine. Writes music and concert reviews and photographs music performances for the Belgian webzine Luminous Dash and the Dutch-Belgian magazine Gonzo (circus). Record stores, CD fairs and flea markets are Patsker’s favorite places to hang out.

Articles by Patsker Omaer Beguin

Fire Down Below – Low Desert Surf Club

Low Desert Surf Club will be without exaggeration new (long lasting) dope for the fans of stoner rock/metal.

Gendo Ikari – ROKUBUNGI

ROKUBUNGI blasts, scrapes and slashes around like an uncontrollable chainsaw but amazes with the high technical mastery of the instrumentation and barbaric vocal work.

Darsombra – Dumesday Book

Listening to this prodigious album makes you feel like entering a sonic illusion where you feel comfortably numb and don’t want to leave.

Marduk – Memento Mori

After more than thirty years of action Marduk sounds still surprisingly and innovatively destructive.

Dead Neanderthals – Specters

Specters is a highly recommended album to anyone who is interested in heavy layered dope music.

All Men Unto Me – In Chemical Transit

A provocative sound capsule for the more open minded music lover who wants to get lost in a resonating maze of dazzling avant-garde music.

Giöbia – Acid Disorder

Acid Disorder confirms with no doubt Giöbia’s reputation as one of Europe’s most interesting psychedelic rock bands at this moment.

Grave Desecrator – Immundissime Spiritus

Grave Desecrator exhales pure evil darkness with this blasphemous cult album.

Imperial Demonic – Beneath The Crimson Eclipse

With skull crushing drums, fierce riffs and screeching vocals the band from Belfast emits a venomous and misanthropic inspired ambition.

Sortilège – Apocalypso

With no doubt Apocalypso turned out to be a good album with nostalgic underground sounds from the French metal scene of the eighties.

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