Photo: Matt Dayak

Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock) and Overcalc (Nick Skrobisz of Multicult) take the road less travelled on Calyx, an exploration of synth and psychedelic guitar. Developed from alternating vantages, these recordings feature collaborative, reinterpreted, and original works by both artists, resulting in an uncanny and bold tapestry.

Moore, as a solo artist and as co-founder of the synth-heavy prog duo Zombi, along with his position in experimental hardcore/no-wave outfit Microwaves (see their crushing split 12″ with NY’s Couch Slut, also issued by SGG) and collaborations with the likes of Goblin, has had a long, prolific career spanning soundtrack work, minimal techno, noise rock, Berlin School-style synth exploration, Italo and new age with releases on a wide range of imprints including L.I.E.S., Kompakt, Death Waltz, and Relapse.

Skrobisz has spent the last decade + fronting rhythmic noise-rock trio Multicult, recording several long players, splits and singles of propulsive, serpentine, unsystematic yet sophisticated heaviness for labels like SGG and Reptilian, and for even longer, managed guitar and vocal responsibilities for Voivod-ian outsider metal unit The Wayward.

The two come together on Calyx in a way that highlights their distinct strengths on a path into previously unexplored terrain. Skrobisz states: “Steve was posting a lot of remixes on Instagram during COVID, so I shot him a message, asking if he’d be interested in doing a remix. After a few more exchanges, it evolved into doing a collab record. . . It was truly a wonderful surprise to get the chance to try the Overcalc formula with Steve’s constructions. He’s really honed his craft, to where his music is identifiable within moments of hearing it– a very difficult thing to do in purely electronic music. It’s incredibly meditative and I can’t speak highly enough of it.”

Calyx is released on July 28 via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia and can be pre-ordered HERE

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