This mystical Milano foursome has been building sonic bridges between the cosmos and what we can call reality for a decade now, and this new offering cements their reputation as one of Europe’s most bedazzling purveyors of neo-psychedelia with eight weighty and effects-drenched tracks that will drive the listener in altered states of consciousness, enchanted by the lysergic side of music that is both familiar and new. Floating at the crossroads of genre forefathers Hawkwind and Amon Düül II and the modern school of psychedelia incarnated by White Hills or Brian Jonestown Massacre, Giöbia is a compelling act that deserves to be embraced with a freed spirit and wide-open ears.

 Giöbia write:

 ‘Screaming Souls’ is the neo-psychedelic vortex with no way out in which Giöbia brings the listener with their hypnotic music. This enthralling single has been taken off the album Acid Disorder’which was released on April 28, 2023 via Heavy Psych Sounds. The video was directed by Giacomo Cracco at Cookies Factory production.



Acid Disorder was released on April 28 2023 via Heavy Psych Sounds and can be purchased on CD and vinyl HERE

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