Les Ombres Malades by Trépas

Release date: June 24, 2023
Label: Sepulchral Productions

We hear the breathy, woody croaks of the evil dryad awakening, then straight into necktwitching riffs which don’t let up for the seven tracks of Trépas’ new release, their second full-length Les Ombres Malades.

It’s black metal from its horrible shouting screams to its frantic shuddering tremolo riffs and wild and furious rhythms, but its also surprisingly rocking, relentless basslines steaming around, drums absolutely brilliant, always inventively adding compelling details and working to build up to the next collective impact and explosion. In the hanging bass, clanging offbeat guitars here and there arises an echo or two of the 80s synthpop that seems to be a go-to sonic reference in black metal of late: the jangles in the middle of the title track, or the syncopated interlude at the end of ‘Désert de cendres’ to take just two examples. There’s also more than a heavy portion of raucous punky get-up attitude and energy that keeps everything bouncing off the walls and at risk of damaging the furniture.

The whole emphasis on hard-rocking, fast-driving rhythms, syncopation here and there, makes this a furiously energetic and invigorating album to blast yourself with. Work at the black metal power station continues to be highly industrious!

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