Living On The Edge by Bile Sister

Release date: July 21, 2023
Label: We Are Time Records

Toronto artist Julie Reich, who operates under the moniker of Bile Sisters, truly deserves that artist tile as she operates as a producer, sound designer, composer, audio engineer, 3D animator, and multi-dimensional artist.

In a way, her latest album Living On The Edge comes up with sounds and music that surely depict all her artistic endeavours, including the visual ones.

The album is a result of ten years of Reich’s experimentation with everything from noise to what vocal electronic music should sound like, but above all what kind of shape as an artist could you give to something tentatively called a song.

Basically, Reich is practically all over the place here, always on the edge of chaos, but never crossing into it, controlling effectively the proceedings with her arsenal of vintage synths, anxious drum programming, experimental electro-acoustic textures, and auxiliary percussion that is all over the place but always the right one.

And she could not have picked the more appropriate title here. It is definitely music on the edge, which Reich casually crosses as she pleases, coming back with ease, and creating some immaculate sounds along the way.

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