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Earlier this year Belgium black metal band Kludde released their latest album De Horla, which was described by one of our writers as “It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s angry, but they appear to have a lot of fun cajoling it all into a single story.” 

De Horla was originally released on CD through Consouling Sounds, and now the album gets the vinyl release. On top of this, there will be a graphic novel based on the conceptual story of the album as well, which was designed by visual artist Wesley Dewanckel. As part of these releases the band now premieres there new video for the track ‘Verlaten’. They comment:

“‘Verlaten’ (‘Abandoned’) tells you the next chapter in Kludde’s De Horla saga. A dark fictional tale about a witch of loose morals and a disfigured creature who never knew anything else but humiliation & exploitation. Do not expect raging black metal with this song, but rather a reflection of the dark sad emotions that emerge when one feels abandoned. ‘Verlaten’ is the album’s first interlude, the follow-up to ‘Horla I: Over Lust’ which bridges to ‘Horla II: Over Haat’ in which the story continues…”

Check out the video below and pre-order the album on vinyl with the graphic novel here.

Band picture was taken by Piet Goethals

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