I’m Just Chillin' On Fire by Carlos Nino

Release date: September 8, 2023
Label: International Anthem

Carlos Niño’s official bio describes this artist as a 45-year-old Los Angeles-based percussionist, producer/engineer, connector, and radical empath.

Listening to his latest aptly-titled release I’m Just Chillin’ On Fire’you can actually relate to all of the above titles and epithets that describe Nino, particularly the radical empath description. Why?

Well, first of all, throughout the album that also has that “& Friends” in its title, you can hear that elegant touch of a refined percussionist throughout, but without overpowering other musical elements present added throughout by a strong cast of friends that includes, just among others, Kamasi Washington, ambient/dance music innovator Photay, rhythmist Deantoni Parks, plus Dntel, Laraaji and quite a few others.


That definitely makes Niño a connector, and his production skills shine throughout, yet it is that radical empath element that ties the whole element together presenting Nino as exactly the one who experiences the emotions of others, a person who has empathy for others.

Throughout the album, Niño combines his musical ideas and those of his other participants into a seamless whole, as if the music here was created through one, collective mind – music that actually defies categorisation of any particular genre.

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