HONEYCRUSH is the solo music project from New York singer-songwriter-poet Alexandra Antonopoulos.  Using evocative storytelling and raw, emotive vocal performances, Honeycrush seamlessly ignores the trappings of genre, while drawing on the disparate influences of ‘90s permawave artists like Fiona Apple, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Jeff Buckley to create sonic landscapes that are heavy with mood and ripe with emotion.

Despite having been a singer since childhood, classically trained to respect the traditions of pitch-perfection and musicality, Antonopoulos only first picked up a guitar in December 2020.  Inspiration surged in her as she learned to play, resulting in the writing, production and subsequent release of ‘Tilt Your Head’, her first single, in early 2022. Three more singles followed in quick succession, with her fourth, ‘I Want It To Be Light So They Can See We Disappeared’ released on eclectic LA label Dune Altar.

With her new EP MILK TEETH, Antonopoulos attempts to reconcile the relationship between pain and growth, taking a microscope to her own flaws and worst days.  Obsessive longing, embittered grief, impotent rage, and the relentless pursuit of self-improvement are inescapable realities that Antonopoulos refuses to condemn in her journey of self-examination on Milk Teeth.  Instead, they are amplified by every meticulously chosen guitar tone and sting in the inflection of each word. 

Featured track and latest release, ‘Split Lung’, is deeply personal to Alex. She writes:

You know sometimes you just need to shut down the chatter in your brain and let yourself do what you’re doing. I’m so proud to release this song today but mostly I’m glad I wrote it when I did. After about seven days struggling to breathe due to an episode of severe anxiety, I was able to distract myself by making this song. It might be the most cathartic thing I’ve ever written for that reason alone. I needed to convey somehow what shortness of breath feels like and I discovered that it’s also sometimes called “air hunger”, which is exactly how it feels; like you can’t get enough air into your lungs to “complete” your breathing and get a satisfying amount. This sludgy riff and the heaviness of the guitars were perfectly heightened by Dareen Hawe’s drums and balanced with a lot of ambient textures that I made with Dimitry mak and resampling everything we could. Ripping into that riff at the end on the jazzmaster felt AMAZING and I am so proud to release something heavy and weird and maybe not for everyone but who cares? Be what you are.


MILK TEETH is released via Dune Altar on October 17 2023 and can be pre-ordered here

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