Eno Piano by Bruce Brubaker

Release date: November 10, 2023
Label: In Fine Records

The way modern post-everything music is developing today, it just might seem easy to transform ambient (electronic) music and prepare and perform it on acoustic instruments, particularly a piano.

Well, it might seem like an easy concept, but it is an extremely complicated one to execute because you have to convert not only the tonalities but also the spaces between notes, the mood, the atmosphere…

Things get even more complicated when you have to do such a re-interpretation of the music of one of the best in the genre – Brian Eno.

That didn’t seem to be such an obstacle for pianist Bruce Brubaker, as he tackles Eno’s music on the ‘simply’ titled Eno Piano.


Brubaker, who currently has over 150 million streams on Spotify, has already performed with the likes of Meredith Monk, John Cage, and Nico Muhly and has done similar projects with the music of Phillip Glass, and Monk and Muhly.

Even with such a background, there was no guarantee, that this project would succeed, but throughout the seven Eno pieces here, three from Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’, Brubaker not only shows that he has an excellent touch with the piano, but that he found the exact tonality, rhythm and pulse of Eno’s pieces.

At the same time, while retaining the soul and being of Eno’s original music, he is able to inject his personal knowledge and approach to the piano to make Eno Piano quite a unique album.

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