Reprocession by Kaiwei

Release date: October 9, 2023
Label: Long Echo Music

Every year, sometime after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, the release of new music seems to completely go quiet, giving time to reviewers and listeners the possibility to check any music they might have missed in the previous few months.

No exception this year to that rule and the opportunity rose here to pick up on Reprocession, the latest release by one of Brooklyn’s experimental electronic artists that operates under the moniker of Kaiwei.

Behind this moniker is Taiwanese native Calvin Chang, who began releasing his glitchy experimental compositions, or collages if you will some five years ago through Soundcloud.


Basically, Chang picks up sounds wherever it suits his fancy – from jazz (playing the instruments himself, along with a few guests here) to sound loops and electronic effects. Some would say with careless abandon, and while it might seem that way, there is an obvious complex composition process going on in the background, giving Kaiwei’s ‘chaos’ a complete and sensible order.

As Chang explains, Reprocessor is a sonic documentation and “musicalization” of the Covid-19 era found sounds, with songs composed between 2020-2022. In lieu of conventional “reworking” (in pharmaceutical manufacturing terminology entails altering processing strategies/combining additional elements to yield varying results) of source materials, over two hours in length of raw recordings are repetitively reinforced, dissected, and extracted for expressive sonic events.

Essentially, the album turns out to be an inventive and intriguing musical concoction that should not go unnoticed, whether you are a fan of electronic sonics or not.

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