Photo: John Imrie

At once warm and welcoming, The Start Of The End is an album quite unlike anything that The Oscillation have ever released before. Fuelled by optimism and taking stock of what’s good about life and what needs to be jettisoned, the record is a result of spiritual and physical re-charging and cleansing.

Leaving the claustrophobic environs of the big city for a more bucolic backdrop, the change in location has left a profound mark on Demian Castellanos, the creative force behind The Oscillation. Where the exorcism of dark emotions of previous album Untold Futures left Castellanos wondering if he’d ever make music again, his new surroundings stirred something within him.

Of our premiere, ‘War On The Mind’, Demian writes:

“I like to leave things open to interpretation but ‘War On The Mind’ is partly a kind of rant about the over saturation of mass media propaganda in our lives, always being fired at us from every angle. Contemplating it all as psychological warfare that overwhelms our senses. 

“I wanted to keep it a short and punchy pop song with that Jesus And Mary Chain splintered feedback racket going throughout.

“The video is by Julian Hand using a fast paced cut up technique. I sent lots of footage to him who distorted and added effects to the them, turning it into a furious montage to match the energy of the track.”


Released on May 24 2024 via All Time Low, The Start Of The End is a line in the sand and one that points to a better tomorrow. It can be pre-ordered and purchased here on Bandcamp.

Additionally, a Dinked vinyl limited edition will be available from these independent record shops.


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