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I can’t imagine many people read the reviews never mind this bit 🙂

Ginger, Scottish, CD collector. Love post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, post….and world peace.

Articles by Gary Davidson

Agvirre – _ _ _ _ _ _

In the digital world of endless bands, Agvirre take on post-black metal continues to find a corner that feels unique.

So Hideous – With None But A Pure Heart Can Sing

This is a breath taking ride which really should disrupt any finalised end of year top 10 for fans of blackened post-hardcore.

A Lake of Ayes – Ouro Sobre Azul

Post-metal built on a heavy post-rock foundation which provides delightful music with a warm familiarity.

Mother – I / Interlude I

Two exceptional works of blackened post-metal available physically again thanks to Belgium’s finest curators.

Daxma – Unmarked Boxes

Post-metal mixed with doom which really rewards attention and dedication but will also floor a listener if played in the background.

THÅRN – Collisions

Exceptionally good crust influenced post-metal which highlights the wealth of creativity in the UK underground.

NŪR – Negative Transfer

An excellent, short EP which will leave any post-metal fan desperate to hear more.

LLNN – Unmaker

Danish lunar sludgers LLNN return with album number three which is a career best and certainly amongst the years heaviest releases.

Still – { }

This cathartic blend of blackened post-hardcore and post-metal is one of the best so far this year.

Apnea – Stasi

The Italian scene churns out another great release, this time it is some fine, earth shattering, cinematic post-metal.

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Push

If you like Far or Quicksand you really need to check out this scorcher. Full of reminiscence yet loaded with contemporary messages. Push sees Jonah Matranga at his most vitriolic for a decade.

TRNA – Istok

The fourth blast of ice cold atmospheric black metal from the St Petersburg trio blasts as expected whilst also dipping a toe into shoegaze and vocals.

Sugar Horse – The Live Long After

This is a masterful debut which moves through genres with ease and mixes heavy music, which is exceedingly rich and beautiful, with anthemic and blissful shoegaze. This should be as massive as it sounds.

Year Of No Light – Consolamentum

This is a post-metal fan’s dream – intense, explosive, contemplative and textured. Give it time and journey on its many tales, this is simply astonishing.

Amenra – De Doorn

Whilst many post-metal masters wilted when progressing, Amenra make it look incredibly easy with an amalgamation of its lighter and darker facets creating a new depth to the trademark sound.

Bossk – Migration

Migration is another slab of excellence which increments on the band’s past and continues on the trajectory towards post-metal greatness.

Kollaps\e – The Pandemic Sessions

Some cracking post-metal from Sweden which is dynamic without dragging its heels.

Glitchers – Thought Crimes

If you miss the angry, politised bands of previous generations then look no further, Glitchers are the rock and roll protest band urgently required.

Big | Brave – Vital

Vital is one of the year’s most essential listens and Big|Brave has created a sensational album full of walls of sound and a deeply personal narrative. This is why calls for diversity in alternative music are absolutely necessary.

The Hyena Kill – A Disconnect

Another superb release for fans of any form of rock music. Clouded in a foreboding darkness but brimming with moments of contemplative rage and anthemic riffing. This is another cracker from The Hyena Kill.

Wowod – Yarost’ I Proshchenie

A superb lesson in the art of creating something heavy using contradictions. Wowod has produced its heaviest effort yet without resorting to just pulverising the listener and it is a stunning accomplishment. From Russia with love.

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