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The Telescopes – Growing Eyes Becoming String

The record’s prevailing mood is of being blanketed and half awake.

Kendo Nagasaki • The Courtesy Group • Moths Of The Moon – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Three bands, five quid. Splendid idea really.

Orchard – ‘Til You Fall Down

As a whole ‘Til You Fall Down is a little uneven but feels appropriately like a collection of early 7″ singles on an 80’s indie label.

Mary Ocher – Centrala, Birmingham

For all the cautionary meditations on the coming doom there is also something celebratory in Ocher’s music. Of small achievements and the connections between people, the possibilities in spaces and evenings like these.

Dunstan Bruce

Jared Dix caught up with Dunstan Bruce from. “one hit wonders” Chumbawamba about his film ‘I Get knocked Down’, dealing with the experiences from their hit single ‘Tubthumping’.

Bloody Head – Perpetual Eden

New year, same old shit, burn it down. Bloody Head’s bad vibe dirge punk makes the perfect soundtrack.

Iron & Wine – Who Can See Forever

Its music casts an unusual spell, seeming to do very little, it never drags over its extended length, shifting in pace and volume for emphasis.

ZD Grafters – (^#<+*€$¥•~%?)

Psychically transmitting concussions, lucid uplifts and down draft recollections, non-verbal outlooks and inner transformations, dig it.

Gazelle Twin – Black Dog

An album as affecting and hard to describe as the apparition at its core.

Mary Lattimore – Goodbye, Hotel Arkada

On Goodbye, Hotel Arkada her harp gives golden voice to the benign ghosts of memory.

Meatraffle – Base and Superstructure

A bright ‘n’ shiny pop-tastic delight, full of irresistibly toe twitching beats and old school synth sounds.

Supersonic Festival 2023

I went to Supersonic and I had a really great time. You know I did, of course I did, because it’s a brilliant festival with a packed bill of excellent bands. “It’s not an accident, it’s a choice.” 

Hey Colossus – In Blood

In Blood is a remarkable achievement for a band this long in the tooth, you never want to skip a track and it always seems to be over too soon.

Sprain – The Lamb As Effigy or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine

The kind of record that falls naturally to close reading among its fans and irritated shrugs among naysayers.

Sonic Youth – Live In Brooklyn 2011

Their playing flows effortlessly, the band deep inside the music, the calm eye at the centre of their sonic storm.

Preview: Supersonic Festival 2023

Rejoice friends! If the endless rain doesn’t wash us all into the filthy sea then Supersonic festival will be upon us in less than a month’s time. An undoubted pinnacle of underground music’s calendar, this year it will be celebrating its twentieth birthday. . . It’s going to be quite a party, come ready. If you’re still dithering about that now is the time to commit.    

Tom Whitfield from Spits Milk

Jared Dix had a word with vocalist Tom Whitfield from Birmingham noise punks Spits Milk about what he thought he was up to.  

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Sunset 666

Loose and noisy as if they’re joyriding down the pacific coast highway. Jesus, they might even be enjoying themselves.

PJ Harvey – I Inside the Old Year Dying

Drawing you quickly in, like the woods themselves it is dark and mysterious, beautiful and consoling.

Big Blood – First Aid Kit

A musical tonic to ease what ails you.

Godflesh – Purge

They continue to stand apart and Purge is up among their best work.

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