Cameron Piko


King Crimson fanatic, avid philosophy nerd and unintentionally a Frank Zappa scholar. An Australian guitarist currently living in London, Cameron spends his time when not writing instrumental prog rock or jamming in some ridiculous time signature to write about music.

Articles by Cameron Piko

KoMaRa – KoMaRa

A beautiful, impenetrable Cthulhu. KoMaRa pushes forward into the unknown, acting quite literally avant-garde, and does so with an energy that makes you want to start the album again as soon as it finishes. By Cameron Pikó

At War With Self – Circadian Rhythm Disorder

An ambitious piece of work, and the amount of time and effort that Glenn Snelwar has put into it really shows. It may only appeal to existing fans of either artist, but they will not be disappointed. By Cameron Piko

An Echoes & Dust Guide to… Univers Zero

Cameron Piko guides readers through the highlights of Univers Zero’s unique career in opposition…

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