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An audio engineer based in London, Jake sports both a terrible sense of humour and an equally terrible taste in music. Jake releases his own music as in violet and currently works as a studio technician until he becomes a famous rock and roll star. His dream is to sing into flowers on Top of The Pops.

Articles by Jake Murray

Live Review: Converge – Blood Moon – Electric Brixton, London

Jake Murray went to the spectacle that was Converge: Blood Moon at the Electric Brixton in London. “The seemingly mandatory final blast of rage that sprayed the room with fury and hurled us into the smoggy Brixton night, with our faces melted, our underpants wet, and just wishing that, for fuck’s sake, they’d just made it a fucking all-dayer so we could’ve got a snack between bands.”

Interview: YUJIRO FUJI

It isn’t every day that an artist comes along and reinvents the wheel. When we first heard YUJIRO FUJI’s hypnotic debut album 1-10 it was immediately clear we had to talk. With the help of Kohei at Japanese blog Lomophy we were able to talk with the experimental Japanese artist about the making of this highly unique, mangled record.

Interview: Julian from Astral Lynx

As longstanding fans of interplanetary, multidimensional and mind-altering psychedelic rock music we’ve had our eyes on Astral Lynx for some time. Having just released their pummelling lead-single and embarking on their UK tour in anticipation of their debut album ‘Flow’, we thought it was about time to catch up with Julian for a few beers and find out just what is Astral Lynx?! By Jake Murray

From My Parents: Jake Murray

“Mum was a hippy, dad was a rocker. They were both closet goths.” Jake Murray writes about the influence his parents had on his music taste in the first of our new feature series, ‘From My Parents’


Their music is best enjoyed in the dark and at times even leaves their listeners in the dark too. For better or for worse (a matter that is truly down to personal taste once you’re this far off the charts) one thing is for sure: it’s never fucking boring. While not necessarily for everyone, die-hard fans will no doubt find it a great addition to their record collection. By Jake Murray

Evvol – Eternalism

What Eternalism holds most is it’s key to unlock a future for a band with great potential. It’s a great record standing as a testament to a refined craft. By Jake Murray

Live Review: Liima and John Bence – Village Underground, London. 15th June 2015

If Liima read this, and I hope they do, allow me to just say one thing: Make a fucking album already because that was incredible. I have been a devout fan since Parades, seen them evolve through many turns, but never in all those years has their music sounded so relevant and poignant. By Jake Murray

Interview: I Wish I Could Talk In Palindromes: Wired To Follow vs Capac

In order to celebrate their new albums we got Stephen from Wired To Follow and Stu from Capac together to discuss their processes, influences and reminisce on their time together in the Liverpool music scene where it all started. By Jake Murray

Interview: Maria Chiara Argirò Quintet

Maria Chiara Argirò Quintet create avant-garde jazz music, rich in texture and unique in direction. The quintet strike memories of The Cinematic Orchestra, exploring pleasant tonality and timbre with charm and intrigue. Having now completed writing what is looking to be a stunning debut album, we catch up with composer Maria to find out more. By Jake Murray

Live Review: Black Moth at the Shacklewell Arms, London. January 26th, 2014

A tight, synergetic performance from a band technically proficient in every way, but with the energy of a gang of teenagers in their parents basement. by Jake Murray

Thee Maldoror Kollective – Knownothingism

Knownothingism is not a single idea, it’s a hive of buzzing musical and thematic ideas that swarm around and fight each other to the death. By Jake Murray

Yuri Gagarin – Yuri Gagarin

Most certainly, it’s important that Yuri Gagarin & Linus Andersson maintain their professional relationship, for as space rock goes, as psych rock goes, as MUSIC goes, this just owns. By Jake Murray

Gum Takes Tooth – Mirrors Fold

This album requires a certain amount of stamina and patience; there’s an endurance test laid down, like some sort of crimson gauntlet and they dare you to accept the challenge. For this reason the record, being as dense as it is, might not appeal to some people on the first or second listen… but do persevere! By Jake Murray

Black Moth – Condemned To Hope

Black Moth are an up-and-coming, force to be reckoned with at the head of a new generation in English rock music… and that is EXCELLENT!!! – By Jake Murray

Kronos Quartet – A Thousand Thoughts

There truly is a plethora of wonderful music buried within A Thousand Thoughts, all written, performed and produced to such a remarkably high standard. By Jake Murray

BORIS – Noise

Noise works as a welcome reminder that there are some bands out there who don’t make singles, or chase the charts, or run for festival headline slots, but rather spend an entire career crafting important, honest music. By Jake Murray

The Faint – Doom Abuse

Doom Abuse is huge… it’s ugly… it’s charming in places, but most of all it’s most definitely The Faint. By Jake Murray

The Unsemble – The Unsemble

A good solid record that does its job (and then some) from three incredible musicians working towards a combined piece of art. By Jake Murray

One Unique Signal – Aether

This is a band with a strong idea of how all music should sound to their ears. Look no further than here, my dear plaid-shirt-clad acid head. You’ve come to the right place and you’re in good company. By Jake Murray

Abandon – Abandon

Abandon understand that within every one of us is the capability of joy and misery, and they display with proficiency and respect, how we should all embrace our humanity for better of for worse… and that’s what music is really all about, isn’t it? By Jake Murray

Oozing Wound – Retrash

Retrash is raw, energetic and unforgiving… it’s also FUN and INSANE and HUGE. By Jake Murray

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