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Green Man Festival 2017

Karthik Murugesan and Michael Nash took to the Brecon Beacons and were literally blown away by Green Man Festival 2017.

Green Man Festival 2017 – Preview

Green Man is certainly not a Glastonbury or a Bestival in turns of scope and sheer size, yet I am hoping that it can provide the intimacy of a smaller festival alongside the atmosphere of a larger one.

Frightened Rabbit – Painting Of A Panic Attack

The quality of music that Frightened Rabbit have produced has not waned. They still have that extraordinary knack to effectively capture the vulnerability and frailty of the human condition. They can knock you back with a phrasing or a lyric; now they just do it to more people. By Kart Murugesan

Malpas- Rain, River, Sea

Rain, River, Sea can be seen as an ideal début album: Compelling, ambitious and a little flawed. I’m just excited to listen to whatever they release next. By Karthik Murugesan

Snowapple – Illusions

There are swathes of artists practising the respected art of writing cautious, but lovely, folk-pop but I am yet to hear anything like Illusion; Snowapple are delightfully unique and clearly possess no inclination to hide this. By Karthik Murugesan

Glyphs – Out to Sea

With no discredit to Glyphs, ‘Out To Sea’ is not a challenging or difficult listen; running at under twenty minutes, the EP arrives, swiftly does its job and leaves again. A quick and very satisfying musical transaction. By Karthik Murugesan

Restorations – LP3

You will have no issues with finding a bit of zest in LP3. If your muse is big, big vocal choruses and gargantuan guitar lines then take a seat. By Karthik Murugesan

Turning Plates – The Shouting Cave

There is no straight narrative to ‘The Shouting Cave’; it consists of individual stories that each have a common theme. With their intriguingly luscious sound, Turning Plates make their debut a truly beguiling one. By Karthik Murugesan

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