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I was raised out of steel in the swamps of New Jersey, well, at least I like to think so. The reality is a mundane town in North Wales called Wrexham. After years of trying to escape via the means of sex, drugs and rock and roll (well, two of them are right!) I eventually settled down to a life of nappies and office work. This wasn't enough though and that urge to be Keith Richards just kept creeping up…that's when I met Dan. Like a collision of two worlds, a grand meeting of minds or just pure luck, I pestered Dan with my rather basic scrawlings on unknown punk bands only for the reply to be, you are able…join us…and so it was. I love music and I love writing so to do both is a no-brainer really. I may be the resident old school rocker of E&D but the truth could not be further away. Put aside my Springsteen fixation and you will find a nice sweet person who, when put in front of a typewriter, becomes a cross between Bukowski, Thompson and Bangs. Beware any bands who try to mollycoddle me into a good review, I bite. All music is good but in particular it has to be Americana, psych and garage for me. E&D has given me the opportunity to push my beliefs onto other people and I am forever grateful. May this go on forever! As a side note, I stilll to this day do not understand what Post-Rock is. Â

Articles by Martyn Coppack

Garcia Peoples – Nightcap At Wits’ End

It’s been nothing but pleasure to see a band develop so far in such a short space of time, and whilst there is always scope for improvement, in Nightcap At Wits’ End, the band have created their best release so far.

Chris Forsyth / Ryan Jewell / Dave Harrington / Spencer Zahn – First Flight

It does what it sets out to do and takes you on a trip into the minds of four supremely talented musicians doing what they do best.

Taylor Swift – Folklore

Folklore is an album which sets her up on the pantheon of greats alongside those artists she grew up revering.

Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers

She uses the songs as a mirror on herself, and as such these represent some of the most naked and revealing songs that she has committed to tape.

Mugstar & Damo Suzuki – Live at The Invisible Wind Factory

The band have an innate sense of what makes a jam work, and within their familiar sound, they have threaded together a mystical path via Damo.

Holy Wave – Interloper

With their new album, Holy Wave have created not just an album of divine dream pop, but also one that asks questions and also seeks to expand your inner mind.

Rose City Band – Summerlong

The summer of 2020 may be a write off as far as a lot of things go, finding an escape through music has become all the more enjoyable through Summerlong.

Tengger – Nomad

2020 may have been a year to forget so far, but within the storms lies this oasis of calm willing to embrace you for just under 40 minutes and leave you feeling that there is a greater power out there above all the politics and turmoil.

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip

Go in expecting more of the same and you will get a nice surprise with Cosmic Ritual Supertrip, which is a fine return to form for Black Rainbows.

Keeping Live Alive. . .

The power of live music can be one that is both communal and personal, sometimes at the same time. It is the breathing force of music and its tendrils reach way back before the existence of recorded sound. It is something to be cherished. . .

Britpop….An Irreverent Defence of the Indefensible

Perhaps the lasting legacy of Britpop, aside from its cultural impact which not only affected what was then called “indie music” but also pop music, and it’s not entirely invited political moments, is that it’s inclusive nature not only broke the gender divide but also brought together the disparate crowds.

Banshee – Livin’ In The Jungle

Hardly a band to change the world, or your life, but they will give you a fucking good time. Buy this album and live in their world for just a little while. You’ll feel better when you leave, if a little freaked out.

CB3 (Charlottas Burning Trio) – Aeons

They deliver an almighty slice of space rock, primed to leave you aghast at the thought of ever having to come down and face the real world again.

Under the Influence with Taras Bulba

 Whilst any listener to both Earthling Society, and now Taras Bulba, will certainly pick up on any number of musical influences from the space rock of Hawkwind to the more esoteric deeper meanderings of Sun Ra, it is in the “movies” or film that F …

Dead Sea Apes – Night Lands

Taken on its own, Night Lands is excellent but taken as part of the Dead Sea Apes trip, it’s nothing short of magnificent and forms an essential part of a jigsaw of music which continues to develop.

OZO – Saturn

For us here at E&D towers, well, this is our morning cup of tea quite frankly, and use it to as a wake up call on our morning car journey to work.

Taras Bulba – Three Gates Dub

It’s a culmination of all the ideas that have led to the formation of Taras Bulba, the need to break new boundaries in their music, and to enable a future where new avenues of music can be explored with no restrictions.

Alex Rex – Andromeda

To write about all the nooks and crannies of this quite wonderful album would be to spoil half the fun though, and depending on the life you have led, you will certainly find a different experience based on your own situation.

Cult Of Dom Keller – Ascend!

It’s chaotic, loud, gothic and brutal, but most of all a perfect example of where space rock is right now.

Drive-By Truckers – The Unraveling

Whether by plan or accident, Drive-By Truckers seemed to have arrived as a band for the moment in US history, and their recent songs have struck a political resonance which firmly entrenches them in the times.

Purple Heart Parade – Desolation Angel

It shows a band who are totally in tune with each other, as they instinctively create a sound made for triggering your mind into a trance. In fact, for all your staring into the distance in awe moments, PHP have it all nailed down.

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