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I was raised out of steel in the swamps of New Jersey, well, at least I like to think so. The reality is a mundane town in North Wales called Wrexham. After years of trying to escape via the means of sex, drugs and rock and roll (well, two of them are right!) I eventually settled down to a life of nappies and office work. This wasn't enough though and that urge to be Keith Richards just kept creeping up…that's when I met Dan. Like a collision of two worlds, a grand meeting of minds or just pure luck, I pestered Dan with my rather basic scrawlings on unknown punk bands only for the reply to be, you are able…join us…and so it was. I love music and I love writing so to do both is a no-brainer really. I may be the resident old school rocker of E&D but the truth could not be further away. Put aside my Springsteen fixation and you will find a nice sweet person who, when put in front of a typewriter, becomes a cross between Bukowski, Thompson and Bangs. Beware any bands who try to mollycoddle me into a good review, I bite. All music is good but in particular it has to be Americana, psych and garage for me. E&D has given me the opportunity to push my beliefs onto other people and I am forever grateful. May this go on forever! As a side note, I stilll to this day do not understand what Post-Rock is. Â

Articles by Martyn Coppack

Taras Bulba – One

A mindfuck of an album, which also allows for a complete reassessment of all the music that Laird and Blacow have created before.

Joe Thompson – Sleevenotes

This book will tell you one side of the Hey Colossus story, but really it’s not just about HC but about music in general too. Joe is a lively narrator, and casts a world wearied view over the music industry in general.

Prana Crafter & Tarotplane – Symbiose

Reflecting the dichotomy of nature and urban expansion that is America, you get a sense of constant fluctuation and change, but with it, a very symbiotic dance of life.

Oh Sees – Face Stabber

It may not be as immediate as their last release, and its length may put some people off, but for those prepared to give up a couple of hours to it, they will find a remarkable piece of work.

De Lorians – S/T

They have created an album of singular momentum and creativity, and can rest well knowing they have further stoked the fires of interest within the realms of underground music.

White Manna – Ape On Sunday

Where there would have been the usual riffs is now a more exploratory tone which seeks out those inner depths within space. Rather than exploding outwards, they gravitate inwards.

Radar Men From The Moon – Bliss EP

There’s a strong sense that RMFTM are only just getting started with their explorations into noise, and they leave you with an anticipation, teased out by the moments when the drone threaten to break out into something much less abstract.

Dire Wolves – Grow Towards The Light

There are few bands who offer such trippy experiences as Dire Wolves, and with Grow Towards The Light they imbue it with a natural spiritualism which underlines the music.

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

This is his most personal album since Tunnel Of Love, only this time, instead of relationships falling apart, he is exploring those relationships that stay together through thick and thin

The Magic Roundabout: A Psychedelic Catchup 2019 Pt1

Album reviews…you never have enough time in the world for them do you? The sheer velocity in which new releases hit your inbox everyday simply leaves you swimming in a sea of sound, grabbing and hoping that your chosen victim will be the one that lights up your world. Unfortunately some get missed along the way, but fear not, here at Echoes & Dust we do try to fit in as much as possible.Which leads us to our inaugural column for the psychedelic genre.

Chris Forsyth – All Time Present

Due to the drawn out experimentations, this album may be more for the hardened Chris Forsyth fan, although for the brave new listener it does offer a unique starting point.

Inside Label: Dave Cambridge Of Cardinal Fuzz

As any self-respecting psych fan will tell you, it is often not just about the music but also about the record labels themselves and you wont go too far into the world of psych before encountering Cardinal Fuzz. Known as The Cardinal, Dave Cambridge has been busy tripping out psych heads minds for years now with a catalogue of releases which simply defy any categorisation other than they are guaranteed to blow you mind. Martyn Coppack caught up with the man himself to talk all things psych.

Crypt Trip – Haze County

Unlikely to change the way you think about music, that’s not really the point though. If you want a good time and relive some of the 70’s excitement then Crypt Trip are the band for you.

Garcia Peoples – Natural Facts

Garcia Peoples are an absolute breath of fresh hair in today’s psych scene and Natural Facts is proof that they were no one album wonders

Stereocilia – The Silence That Follows

So what is a difficult listen, can actually be at times, a true cathartic experience, and if you have the time on your hands to let these sounds wash over you, you may feel all the better for it.

Motorpsycho- The Crucible

Judging by current form Motorpsycho may very well hold the claim for being one of the greatest bands currently plying their trade. A sprawling back catalogue may put some listeners off, but if ever their was a place to start it could very well be The Crucible.

Black Bombaim – s/t

Making no reparations to an easy listen, it is an album which needs to be taken in as one piece. Either in your head-space through headphones, or roaring out of your speakers, each listen will conjure up a different experience from the one before

Khana Bierbood – Strangers From The Far East

Khana Bierbood have done more than enough to prove themselves worthy of that wonderful seam of music travelling from the Far East and we wait in anticipation for further jangles from the outer zone.

Festival Preview: Woolf II – A Terrascope Celebration

The principle behind Terrastock remains and has been carried forward into Woolf. It’s an intimate event which a great deal of love and care goes into curating. Bands and artists are there not only because we happen to like their music, but because they are nice people.

Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing

There is something quite special about a Prana Crafter release, and to get this album on vinyl is a rather wonderful thing. Mastered by Chris Hardman, the music punches a hole into your psychedelic mind, and fills it with peace and calm.

Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves

An album that’s not for the casual listener, but certainly one that pays if you give it chance. The energy can overcome you at times, but when the band hit their stride they sound like the greatest free-form jazz/psych band ever.

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