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Immerse – Energy

This is an excellent record from the band and is almost guaranteed to find a home with any fan of this heavy/singalong/table-flipping style.

Save Us – Lucid EP

It’s just an impressive heavy, impassioned EP that will be added to playlists with no hesitation. Mine included.

Terrestrials – Iridescent

Fans of the flare and musicality of prog/metal and rock bands will be right at home with the Terrestrials sound.

Deafcult – Future of Illusion

Deafcult’s ‘Future of Illusion’ carries a defiant protest energy all the way through and never lets up the warning sirens. This is music for right now. I’m beyond impressed.

Tired Minds – The Body Is A Burden

This EP is a furious and well executed slab of work that deserves repeat listens and your attention!

Voyager – Fearless in Love

To be real this is easily their best album and this writer will argue that it’s one of the best Australian heavy releases of the year.

Bear The Mammoth – Purple Haus

Great instrumental post-rock from Australia hitting exciting new highs and some darker deeper levels. Do not sleep on it.

Lune Asea – Outlier

If this first taste of the band’s material is anything to go by, we have a lot to look forward to!

Black Orchid Empire – Tempus Veritas

Everything on this album screams maturity and confidence in themselves as artists. It’s very impressive.

Sliknita – The Prawn Variant

Well worth your time to sit, space out and get swept away with a tide of tones, melodies and crashing walls of noise.

Periphery – Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre

This might be the crowning moment for the band who helped coin the term “Djent” and now rebuke its labelling as a genre. Call it what you will.

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