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Brutus – Patterns, Brighton

The sheer expanse and accomplished nature of Brutus’ sound is truly extraordinary to experience.

Ho99o9 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

With their phenomenal latest album SKIN, Ho99o9 continue to prove that they are one of the most exciting, vibrant and forward-thinking bands out there at the moment, so the chance to see them tear it up in a live setting was a tantalising prospect. Hav …

Objections – Muthers Studio, Birmingham

Still something of an unknown quantity Objections prove themselves worthy headliners.

Test Dept – The Piper, St Leonards, East Sussex

This was one of the most intense, important, relevant multimedia performance art installations you will ever see. The musicians as both aural creators and canvas for a stream of projections. Visual art, sonic sculptures, nuanced intelligent interrogations of neoliberal capitalism and its baleful effects. An alarm call for a soporific society. A destruction of the Ideological State Apparatus.

Last call for AMFest Barcelona

A mere half-week remains before Barcelona is to host the triumphant return of the sweet, heavy and blissful sounds of AMFest.

Emma Ruth Rundle and Jo Quail – Stoller Hall, Manchester.

Seeing these two musicians in such a venue was, in short, a wonderful experience. The crowd were respectful and totally absorbed by the music. Both acts were faultless, despite them both playing different sets in a very different setting than they are probably used to. It was intimate, very personal and a pleasure to be able to spend a few hours enjoying the music.

Supersonic Festival 2022

When artists offer humble acknowledgement of how well they’re being treated by the crew and how nice it is to play for such a welcoming audience it just underlines what a special festival this is.

Midnight & Night Demon – New Cross Inn, London

With no backline, no intro tapes and no dancing mascots, hoods aside, this is as stripped down and unfiltered as metal gets.

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Le Trabendo, Paris

Last Wednesday, audiences proved their hard-earned loyalty to sinister sounds. After two years of pushbacks, the post-black outfit Regarde Les Hommes Tomber was finally able to hold its album release show to a sold-out crowd of hungry metal ghouls.

Festival Review: Roadburn Festival 2022

Joseph Norman and Emma Filtness went to Roadburn Festival this year. Read their very detailed thoughts and review of this year’s festival edition.

Discharge – The Key Club, Leeds

There have been many influential albums in extreme music over the years but very few, if indeed any, have been as influential as Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing by Discharge. The amount of punk, hardcore, metal and more bands influenced by this re …

Fucked Up – Leeds Belgrave Music Hall

It is clear that Fucked Up are loving being back onstage and playing live again and for everyone in attendance, the opportunity of witnessing an album such as David Comes To Life played in full with such energy and fun has been an experience in itself.

The Lovely Eggs – Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

The Lovely Eggs hit the stage with little fanfare, blasting straight through four tunes from their last album I Am Moron before stopping for breath. It’s been two years since the album came out. Two long years that this show has been kicked down the ro …

Festival Preview: Roadburn Festival 2022

Our London-based writer Joe Norman will cover Roadburn Festival for Echoes and Dust this year. So, read his preview to get the excitement going, or to check out some of Joe’s recommendations.

Cradle of Filth – The Infernal Vernal Equinox Deadstream

While, clearly, we all hope the world stays healthy enough for live shows to continue, I do also hope that Cradle and other bands keep doing live-streams. I was lucky to catch Cradle live out in the Real at London’s Roundhouse last year, but am still happy to pay to tune in from my sofa. As Dani explains, “If this goes well, we’ll carry on with this trend and do other albums in their entirety as well.” And whether it’s live on stage or live on stream, I’m sure legions of Cradle fans will jump at the opportunity.

Tangerine Dream – Cambridge Corn Exchange

At points in the evening it was an encounter with the sublime. I actually felt a sense of hope as I listened to their music, that despite war and climate change and perpetual inequality and oppression maybe, just maybe, the human race could have a positive future after all.

Sons of Kemet – Roundhouse, Camden

A whirling, feverish explosion of colour, rhythm, dazzling musicianship, glorious fun, melodic sincerity, and an utter celebration of what it means to be alive. Life-affirming is too pedestrian a phrase. Spirit-affirming, however, is an adjective made for Sons of Kemet…

Live Stream Review: Enslaved – The Other Worldly Big Band Experience

This is clearly Enslaved’s most involved stream to date. The studio looks enormous, with huge projections stretching up high above the band, unfurling beautiful kaleidoscopics. . . it’s Enslaved goes art-house in the best possible way.

Live Review: DVNE – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

DVNE have been utterly spellbinding. Majestic. They have become something very special. Absolutely, ridiculously, immense.

Conan – Rough Trade, Nottingham

On a rainy Friday night in November, the long awaited Conan tour (rescheduled twice for obvious reasons), hit Nottinghams Rough Trade venue and as nights of sheer heaviness go, it was more than worth the wait. . .

Teeth Of The Sea • The Utopia Strong – Strange Brew, Bristol

The E&D team gallop their horses to Bristol and Manchester to cover The Utopia Strong and Teeth Of The Sea. Live, direct, and in the flesh. Boy have we missed this. . . !

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