This Patch of Sky – Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

This record sounds a lot like Explosions in the Sky. I rarely make this direct comparison because most times when I read it I think it’s the wrong one to make. Not all post-rock bands sound like Explosions, Mogwai, Godspeed and Sigur Ros, and those bands don’t actually sound the same as each other despite what we read so often. This is one of those times, though, that I can’t get away from stating it even after a dozen or more spins. That doesn’t mean it’s fundamentally bad, but it does mean the pressure is on this five-piece instrumental band from Eugene, Oregon.

The first couple of tracks throw in some vocals, though it’s not lyrical singing, and in that way they gain a little individuality, but that soon drops back into some pretty standard crescendocore, tremolo and noodling with little variation in speed. It’s all played perfectly well but it lacks in its composition, melody, intensity, depth of sound and variation. Which I suppose when I read it back is a fair bit.

If you like post-rock you will enjoy it, yes, but will you punch the air at the climax, will it lift your soul to the edge of space, will you feel goosebumps in the slow moments? I didn’t, and that’s what I want most of all from my post-rock, regardless of the mechanics of the songs. Play this up against Whale Fall, The End of the Ocean, When Clouds Collide and Shy, Low and you’ll see what I mean.

I know This Patch of Sky will have a core following of fans who are deeply touched by this music. Throw in the fact that these guys love playing it and that’s what really counts, but EITS stopped being the benchmark a while ago and I think these guys can do better. When you’re competing for listening time with schoolkids who are making more exciting, experimental and progressive crescendocore in their bedrooms, you need to better find the uniqueness within you.

Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine is out now on Bandcamp.

Posted by Gilbert Potts.


  • Lucy

    This is a pretty bold statement, “but EITS stopped being the benchmark a while ago.” Last I checked, they set the benchmark. Also, A Light In The Attic gives me goosebumps every time. Just sayin…

    • GilbertP

      Hi Lucy. It’s great that A Light in the Attic gives you goosebumps every time. Music is a magnificent thing. Cheers.

  • Jonathon

    I take it you’re not a fan of Explosions? And btw – I’ve seen these guys live a couple of times (worth the 2 hour drive). High school and college age kids fill the room whenever they play. Granted they are still a newer band to Post-Rock, but they definitely have potential.

    • GilbertP

      Hi Jonathon. Yes I’m a fan of EITS but they are not the very best post rock band in the world. Yes This Patch of Sky do have potential. It’s wonderful that they are well supported and put on a good live show. Cheers.

  • Kit Day

    Hi Gilbert,

    Thank you for an honest review! Reviews like this just help us grow as a band. And we 100% appreciate our fans. Looking forward to the future!

    -Kit (guitarist for TPoS)