Cold Blue Mountain

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Out now through Bandcamp and on vinyl through Gogmagogical Records 

Step into flames. Wallow in fears of what is and what could be. Try to breathe while pinned underneath a pile of decimated rubble. Fight to be clear of destruction; of charred beams and fallen walls of familiarity. As the light gets closer you hear it... the faint sound of hope, or the din of chaos. It is muffled at first. It is hard to distinguish one jarring riff from another. Your steady climb reveals more with each cautious step: swirling guitar lines ring out, only to be swallowed by more relentless chugging. Voices now, still so far away. From dark, guttural growls to harsh, demonic shrieks. Almost there. You feel a warm breeze; the surface is nearing. Is it safe? Is there even a world to greet you out there? Has mankind finally pulled the plug and done us all in? Just a few more feet, and you will know.

Chico, California quintet Cold Blue Mountain know. They created the landscape you're trying to escape. From the opening riff of 'Branch Dividian Compound' to the final moments of 'MK Outro,' the band hits you over the head with a hammer and drags you through just over 27 minutes of hot ash and splintered wood. The nine songs on their self-titled record touch on multiple genres: from the stoner-ish 'Dark Secret' to the dense, experimental layers of 'Lone Pine,' there's a chunk of remains for just about any fan of metal; a sludge-filled, doom-laden slab of what can only be described as “good.” Perhaps “great” is a better word. These guys know exactly what they're doing. I, for one, hope they keep doing it.



Cold Blue Mountain was engineered and recorded by Scott Barwick at Origami Lounge, with additional tracking and mixing by Chris Keene at Cutters Cathedral. Mastering was done by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room. The simple, yet captivating cover art was created by Matt Loomis. Vinyl can be procured from Gogmagogical Records.

If you're looking to be pummeled, dragged, and trapped under tons of debris, Cold Blue Mountain has the ticket to your funeral. Maybe you'll survive. Maybe. If so, you'll be better for it. Believe me.

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