Mr. Peter Hayden

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Out now through Doognad Records, Mikrofoni and Rämekuukkeli Levyt and available here

It's quite rare over here at Ech(((o)))es and Dust that we cover a single release but it's good that we do it now and again as this little gem may very well have missed the boat. In what is probably a very small review, this in now way imparts on We Fly High which is split into two but as a whole is one hell of a substantial piece of work.


Similar in many ways to Plankton Wat, We Fly High is a totally out there piece of psych which builds into a cacophonous wall of sound on part 1. It's difficult to work out what instruments are at play here but that is also the magic as it becomes a sort of symphony for the psyche.

Part two brings in much more melody as it lightens the darker mood of the first part. It creates generous layers of music which coalesce into a wonderful whole and gives more than a little diversity to stop us from getting bored.

If Mr. Peter Hayden is capable of this over two parts then we can only dream of what he may be capable of over the course of an album. This surely has to be one of the most anticipated releases now and one that psych fans can stick into their space diaries.

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