The Clouds Will Clear 

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She Was The Universe Records

There’s plenty of beautiful music to go around these days. Of course I’m not complaining about that…I could never get enough! The good thing is that somehow, among variety of styles, each artist manages to shine, shimmer and sparkle like a bright speckle of dust floating in the darkness of my wine glass, containing an entire universe within itself. The new entry in my music world is The Clouds Will Clear, a post-rock outfit hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Clouds Will Clear is a duo composed by the Italian musician Angelo - guitars, synths, samples- and Tobi - drums, bass – that is based by the Angelo’s solo project Cycles Within Cycles. In March 2013 Tobi joined the project and the outcome of their passion for music is their self titled debut EP we can now enjoy. The duo is currently looking for new members to become a full live line-up in order to bring on stage their sound. The formula behind their work seems simple, yet the emotion evoking execution is flawless. The sound of The Clouds Will Clear falls between lush post-rock, organic ambient, ethereal cinematic soundscapes with a hint of electronica. If just this description gets you drooling, then of course, this album is for you.

The Clouds Will Clear EP is an engaging journey through five movements characterized by minimal melodies that have all that beautiful attitude to take on an hypnotic quality half way through each track. I particularly like the opening ‘Amygdalae’. It’s pretty and proves the duo’s post-rock tendencies. Angelo and Tobi added delicate radio voice recordings creating a sound that is quite distinctive. It’s like having two levels in this track, the post-rocky and the electronic one: focus on one level or the other one and you’ll discover the several nuances of this song.



‘The Storm Will Pass’ has a soft intro with a graceful timbre but doesn’t miss crashing melodies adding a bit of chaos and dissonance to the beauty. ‘It Makes Tomorrow Alright’ slowly seep into you and it won’t abandon you even when it’s finished. It starts with a sense of warm, gently awed calm before exploding in a sound where guitar riffs and electronic hints are combined in a perfect mix. The creative energy of ‘Solar Eclipse’ is directed toward building textures, which are very deep and rich indeed. Listening to The Clouds Will Clear you’ll notice that the EP has a darker side as well. And when it happens is really great. ‘Solar Eclipse’ has its dark side, realized with a great execution by the drummer, featuring a suffocating and dense build which leads into an oppressive sonic assault. ‘Nobody Nowhere’ ends our journey through the EP and again we find in it a multitude of melodies layered upon one another, and the ambiance that dominates the whole EP adds an interesting glow to the entire piece.

Take your time to enjoy The Clouds Will Clear EP and you’ll be rewarded. I suggest you to experience it with your headphones on so that you can explore the tracks one motif at a time, as if each were a small landscape. You’ll love it. 

Angelo and Tobi are vinyl lovers and if you are too, you can pre-order the 12" transparent vinyl they are releasing under their own label She Was The Universe Records. The limited edition vinyl will come with a wonderful artwork realized by Oli Hummel from Hummel Grafik

 Bleeding Light Records is helping the duo with the digital release and you can stream the EP here.

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