By Magda Wrzeszcz

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So what do you do when you've put on pretty much the finest celebration of post rock the world has ever seen? Apparently you go out & book Mono, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Ef, team up with Sargent House and pack the undercard with wonderful rising talent like Rumour Cubes, Codes In The Clouds, Karhide, Lost In The Riots & Wicket; bands that readers of these pages may well be familiar with but a wider audience will get the pleasure of for the first time. 

Ahead of their appearance at the festival, we spoke to a number of the bands playing for the first time about what they're looking forward to. Today we talk to Chris from Flies Are Spies From Hell.

(((o))): On the scale of 7-10 - how excited are you to be performing at this year’s ATG (let’s be honest, anything below 7 won’t be acceptable)?

10. ArcTanGent is the most fun you can have as a post-rock fan. Closely followed by Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival.

(((o))): How have you been preparing for this year’s performance and what can we expect from your show?

Well, last night at practice we messed about playing a bunch of really, really old stuff. Even songs we used to do with a singer. Complete waste of time as we won’t be playing any of it. What we will be playing are songs spanning the last 10 years - each from a different release, plus one new one.

(((o))): If you went last year (whether as a band or privately) - what were your highlights?

65daysofstatic and dancing about like a child on a sugar high at the silent disco.

(((o))): What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival - musically and in general (I can’t wait to try a cactus burrito for example)?

Some nice guilt-free morning drinking, as our set is at 11:25am and its only fair to have a couple before playing. In terms of bands probably Mono, I Like Trains, Year of No Light and Fen. We’ll have a lot of friends and bands we know at the festival so I’m looking forward to lots of sitting about in the sun and catching up with old mates.

(((o))): If you were to chose two bands to play next year, one headliner and one local, who would it be and why?

If the organisers could work their magic and get A Genuine Freakshow, They Don’t Sleep and Double Handsome Dragons to reform I’d be very, very happy. While they are sprinkling fairy dust around, Oceansize reforming to perform Effloresce would be a treat.

If they can’t resurrect the dead, then Godspeed for headliner and Kasper Rosa, ...And The Earth Swarmed With Them, Obe and Eschar for locals.

(((o))): If you were given the chance to DJ one of the silent discos, give us a 5-song playlist of what you’d make us jump around to.

Soulfly - Jump Da Fuck Up

Van Halen - Jump

Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down

Kriss Kross - Jump

Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle (to trick people into thinking I was playing Jump Around)

(((o))): One of the best memories from last year was the always swarmed merch stand. What are you getting prepared for the ATG fans merch-wise? Any exclusives?

It is good. Last year I picked up limited editions of UpcDownC’s first two albums. We’ve got some nice hand-printed t-shirts which hopefully people will like.

(((o))): The great thing about last year was the parade of awesome band t-shirts. Which band t-shirts will your band be sporting?

Pelican, What The Blood Revealed, UpCDownC, Obe, Sleepmakeswaves - whichever ones are clean when I pack.

(((o))): Where will we be most likely to bump into you on site?

If you mean literally, then either in the pit for ASIWYFA or running between stages to catch bands.

(((o))): Who’s on your ‘en route to ATG’ playlist? And who’s your designated driver?

Luckily it’s not me, so I’ll be in the back drinking and obnoxiously shouting the wrong directions. I’ve been wise not to get a drivers licence so I can’t ever be the sober responsible one. As for tunes, Spinal Tap will have to come on when we go past Stonehenge. Plus, of course the new Cheery Wave album - available from all wi-fi connected computers now - 


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