By: Michael Hills

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Released on December 8, 2014 via Moshi Moshi

NZCA LINES is a London based producer in the form of Michael Lovett. Lovett has been around the block a few times before his debut, self titled album from NZCA LINES in 2012, being a bassist in pop-rock outfit Your Twenties, and trying his hand at R’n’B producing for Aaliyah’s Try Again. Known for a very 80’s sound, anything from NZCA LINES wouldn’t feel out of place on the soundtrack for the film Drive and his new single New Atmosphere, and B-Side Cirrus Forming, are no different.

New Atmosphere is a classic synth-pop song with a catchy and clean driving bass line, a repetitive, thumping drum beat and soft synth pads over the top. The vocals are strong with a vocal line that compliments the bass well. The instrumentation doesn’t push any boundaries for this genre but its simplicity works well. This release is well mixed with nothing being lost, especially the vocals which are a prominent feature even with a heavy amount of reverb used.

The B-side of this single, Cirrus Forming, is completely different from New Atmosphere and completely different from most other works by Lovett. This is an instrumental piece that compliments New Atmosphere well with, again, its catchy and clean driving bass line and a repetitive, thumping drum beat but this time we have a lot more textures to contend with that ebb and flow in the mix. A lot more synth pads have been used with more textured leads – some doing more than others to give it movement and purpose.

New Magnetic North, a song taken from NZCA LINES’s first, self titled release is very similar in many ways to this B-side although it’s more driving and more conventional in its structure. You can tell Lovett is getting more comfortable experimenting with atmospheric and instrumental electronic music and it’s nice to see, as he does it well in my opinion.

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