ATG Skull 500px x 500px plus heartAs part of today’s ongoing ArcTanGent takeover, we asked some of our favourite bands what they like most about this wonderful festival

ArcTanGent  takes place from 20th-23rd August 2015 at Fernhill Farm.

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Polymath (Saturday, Bixler)

1. It’s the only Math Festival of its scale in the UK
2. ATG has an atmosphere all of its own. Everyone seems to go there for all the bands, no matter if they’ve heard of them or not. People flock in to see the first bands just as much as they do the headliners. I think that makes it unique.
3. It’s really easy to discover hidden gems. I think last year I discovered Bear Makes Ninja for the first time, and the year before we saw Theo nail the PX3.
4. There is so much variety from band to band and stage to stage. One minute you could be dancing to Public Service Broadcasting, and the next minute, be immersed in sound by Mono.
5. Cleft.

Cleft (Thursday, Yokhai)

1. The line up is consistently amazing
2. The crowds are the best any weird math/post/instrumental rock band like us could ever hope to play to anywhere in the world. They know more about the whole scene than we do.
3. The atmosphere of the place is, for want of a better phrase, so NICE! Everyone is dead friendly. Everyone is up for chatting about stuff that 99% of people aren’t even interested in (bands, instruments, gear, other festivals, strange albums we like etc). It’s just the best place to be. Some people seemed surprised that we were there for the whole festival and weren’t camping in the artist area – why would we want to miss out on all the fun is the question!?
4. The food is excellent.
5. The silent disco.

obe (Friday, PX3)

1: obe are playing
2: Loads of even more awesome bands are playing
3: It’s in a field with booze…
4: …food…
5: … and music…what else is there?

Alright The Captain (Saturday, PX3)

There are only 2 reasons to love ATG, the awesome music and all the lovely people there!!!! 3 more for good measure are good food, a great site and the best party.

Trojan Horse (Friday, Arc Stage)

– Riffs. There’s PLENTY of those flying around the whole time.
– The people. Both on and off stage. Everyone is there to have a good time and support music they love, what more could you want from a festival.
– The music. The ATG gag have a knack for selecting line ups chock full of incredible artists.
– The site. Its a pretty epic little festival, its small enough that you can walk between each stage in a matter of minutes, but it doesnt feel cramped at all. Lying n the floor of an evening and being able to stare up at the stars is a huge bonus, well….for us city boys anyway.
– They let us reprobates play this year…..seems like a valid enough reason to us.

TFATD (Friday, Yokhai)

Matt – It’s huge. It has some amazing bands. There is a genuine community around it. There seems to be some “actual love” in the choice of the bands. They let us play.

Steve – They are kind enough to let us play. It’s near Bristol, which is one of our favourite cities in the world. We once played a really good gig there, and also Stuart and I used to live in and around Bristol for a few years, so we love the area generally. We are big fans of many of the other bands that are playing. I saw Obe last year in London and they were great. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Vessels. There are loads of other great bands on the list too that I have seen, and some that I haven’t managed to get around to seeing yet. Some of them are also our mates, so it will be nice to meet up with them again too!! We get to share our music with an audience that is really passionate and interested in music.We can stay in tents!

Alpha Male Tea Party (Thursday, Yokhai)

– It’s probably the best music festival around, You will discover something really fucking great whatever stage you’re at.
– It has the perfect festival ‘feel’. You will meet your mates in every field, and make even more mates while you’re here.
– Has the best selection of food and ale. Need I go further?
– It has enough merch to virtually bankrupt you for 3 months after. A grotto of wonderous swag if you like.
– There’s no fucking idiots to ruin the occasion.

Vasa (Saturday, PX3)

The diversity of music on offer, the amazing people you get to meet every year, the silent disco, Pieminister and just the overall hilarity that takes place in the campsites.

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