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Released on September 30, 2016 via Constellation

The first album for Constellation Records by musician William Jourdaine, working under his moniker of Automatisme, is Momentform Accumulations. The first physically released album for the artist follows on from a string of self-released records and recordings, all of which helped establish the groundwork for this exciting debut. On Momentform Accumulations, Jourdaine presents an incredible and unrelenting album experience, where the minute buzzes and hums build up a fast-paced world that feels slightly intimidating, yet perfectly captures a snapshot of the automotive world all around us, where everything passes by your eyes before you’ve had a chance to really notice what it was in the first place.

Utilizing field recordings as a jumping off point, and then throwing in synthesizers into the mix, Jourdaine displays an incredible talent for shaping, reshaping and transforming basic blocks into something much more grandiose. Across two tracks, each split into three parts and constantly alternating between each other, we’re shown an insight into the world Jourdaine is presenting with his music. Utilizing his compositional talents, we’re presented with an almost intimidating album experience, but one that is brimming full of a kinetic power with its incredible rhythmic energy.

Though there’s a strong experimental notion to the album, which makes it a somewhat difficult experience to even approach least of all enjoy, there are similarities between Automatisme and some of Constellation Records earlier albums. Much of the work evokes similar themes and concepts from experimental group re:, encompassing similar notions of musique concrete and field recordings. On Momentform Accumulations, there’s very much an effort to construct a cohesive album effort, where everything feeds into each other, cementing their position on the album itself.

Automatisme’s first physical album release certainly captures the many themes and motifs Jourdaine is trying to present. The power from the album comes from the incredible energy that runs throughout each track as it alternates back and forth, all presented in a slightly uncomfortable and intimidating fashion that is still utterly engrossing as it frantically rushes along its distinctive journey. Jourdaine has certainly managed to capture a distinct sound, giving his own music an incredible edge that help separates it considerably from other more experimental bands in the scene.

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