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Switzerland’s Sum Of R are Reto Mäder (guitar, bass guitar, effects, organ, drums, electronics, synthesizer) and Fabio Costa (drums, effects, synthesizer). The band was created in 2008 by Reto Mäder, focusing musically on the sharpening of the senses and the stimulation of the mind. Sum Of R channel their sound constructions and deconstructions to organic patterns that merge time and space, creating slow moving instrumental music with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures. Their intense and pulsating sound is influenced by dark ambient, nebulous post metal, psychedelic/experimental music, cinematic post rock and ghostly electronic music. Sum Of R’s ritualistic take on their songs, albums as well as live sets is, ever since their debut release, supported by a subliminal, unconventional metal atmosphere that leaves its listeners immerse into darkness, light and its reflections. Their live performances as a duo are characterized by a cyclical process involving guitars, effects, drums, synths, samples and drones to create a unique and dense whole, which is – as indicated by the name – more than just the sum of its parts.

Sum of R’s self-titled debut album was released in 2008 on Milwaukeebased independent label Utech Records (home of Locrian, Aluk Todolo, Horseback, Nadja, James Plotkin, Mamiffer, Justin K. Broadrick, House of Low Culture, etc.), followed by the 2012 EP Ride out the Waves on Italian label Storm As He Walks and contributions on two compilations alongside bands like Sonic Youth, Sunn O))), Carla Bozulich, Master Musicians Of Bukakke, Menace Ruine and Aluk Todolo. Their second full-length Lights on Water was released in 2013 again on Utech Records and self-released in 2014.

Sum of R’s new and third full length album Orga (abbr. organic, organism) will be out in mid-September on both the labels Cyclic Law and Czar of Crickets / Czar of Revelations. Orga is a voyage that lets its passenger immerse into mysterious mist, a mist that changes its form and density with every song to alternately draw melancholic, soothing, disturbing, bewildering as well as illustrious imagery. Once finding access the listener will enter into a self-contained dimension that speaks its own language: a wordless, organic language made of pieces of an orchestral wall of sound, raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras, where spirit, body and instruments become one.

Orga will be released on September 15th and is available for pre-order through Czar of Revelations and Cyclic Law. The album is also available through the band’s Bandcamp page. Orga includes two extra songs that aren’t included in the stream below. Orga‘s cover art was photographed by Milena Kancheva.


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