Burning Of The Season by The Flying Eyes

Release date: September 22, 2017
Label: Ripple Music

As I sit here preparing and bracing for the impending catastrophe that is Hurricane Irma my ears are warmly greeted by another maelstrom, but this time in the form of music. Enter The Flying Eyes. Their newest album titled Burning Of The Season is set for release on September 22nd (although it appears to have gone live a little early) via Ripple Music in North America and can also be found through Noisolution in Europe. It is a rough and unrelenting collection of hefty riffs and blues centered melodies. All laced with proper psychedelia and just the right sliver of otherworldliness without losing its bedrock of hard driving rock-n-roll.

The solo guitar work on this album is rife with wild and unrestricted interpretation and offers up a blend of spacey esoteric illusions (or delusions, take your pick) and gritty amplifier haze. And ohhhh that rhythm section!! The bass and drums temper swirling guitars to notch out a steady furrow that keep your spirit moving and your body groovin’. Plus I’m a sucker for when a band’s backline can anchor a song’s foundation to where the other musicians can flourish.

I count it as a hindrance to the lens through which I absorb music, but my penchant towards the omission of lyrics is a deep seeded fiber in my musical makeup. However, The Flying Eyes exhibit the proper voiced accoutrement in allowing the music to form its own genesis of where each track ventures. Amidst the drawn out soulful vocal delivery your ears are also treated to intermittent well placed harmony and gang vocals. As well as lyrical themes that are more mature and polished. Not just those that are exclusively understood while having a spiritual or substance based experience.

After listening through their back catalog it is clearly evident that these now seasoned veterans have levied within themselves their greatest work to date. This includes song structure, overall recording production, execution, and style. That being said if you are not familiar with The Flying Eyes, as I was also oblivious to their existence, don’t allow another second to waste and go listen to Burning Of The Season. Next proceed to delve headlong into their earlier works as they all deserve due diligence. The Flying Eyes can gladly hoist the torch of blues driven heavy psych into the future. There is no snake oil to be found in their formula. Only solid musicianship by a group of guys whose musical purpose is resolute.

PS….. I escaped major damage during the Hurricane, but my heart goes out to all those who incurred much worse than I.

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