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I LOVE MUSIC! It speaks to my soul beyond any other artistic medium, and I truly would not be alive today without it… “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Articles by Lance Turner

Glories – Distant After

How could I possibly begin to write about a band who has been my favourite for almost 6 years now? Once I heard Put the Beast Out of Mind, which I listened to first, I was completely enthralled!! Mother Reverb only added to my captivation. While I’m su …

The Shaking Sensations – How Are We To Fight The Blight?

I have been published before saying I don’t believe in the concept of perfect. I was dead wrong and it exists in this album.

Augure – Apnea

Apnea is a triumph in context and execution. Borne on the backs of their own vision and mission their message is not overarched or oblique. It is concise, serrated, and narrow in scope.

Under The Influence with Pillars

(Photo courtesy of Wilson Raska) Following the release of Pillars’ first full length heavy opus Of Salt And Sea, they returned with the equally stunning and even more dynamic Cavum on A Thousand Arms/Dunk! earlier this year. After hearing of how p …

Michael Neal – Lapse

Lapse is a profound statement of beauty. I don’t believe in the concept of perfect, but Lapse comes pretty damn close.

SleapingDreaming – Victory Roses

Dense but not overbearing and enacted without haste, Victory Roses trudges on with commitment.

Spook The Horses – People Used To Live Here

Spook The Horses have sent a memo to the masses that they are not band who can be easily cast off into the margins and have authored what I believe to be their best work to date.

Gangly – Gangly EP

Unfortunately, this Ep only features four tracks. But hopefully this is only the beginning of a long relationship between Gangly’s stimuli and our ears.

The Flying Eyes – Burning Of The Season

The Flying Eyes can gladly hoist the torch of blues driven heavy psych into the future.

Labirinto – Gehenna

Labirinto returns with a menagerie of their trademark doom riddled undertones and cursed melodies of ruination. ‘Gehenna’ is the archetype of what damnation would sound like.

Set and Setting – Reflectionless

Having been a listener and a fan since early 2014, I must say that ‘Reflectionless’ is by far their most triumphant and boisterous release to date. Gentlemen I applaud you for taking a guy like me who leans very heavily toward the prettier/lighter end of the post-rock spectrum, and keeping me a believer in your heavy mantra.

Our Smallest Adventures – The Quiet Terror Of Being Alive

With a keen delivery, calculated application, and (I’m assuming) careful consideration of what they want to the world to hear, OSA has heightened my idea of where the boundaries of instrumental music can be.

Dark Moon – Lost In Love And Fear

Listen to Dark Moon, or live forever deprived, as they have graciously left this creation for all to enjoy, and for our descendants to learn from and pay homage to. It should be painfully obvious that Lost In Love and Fear is to go down as one of 2016’s very best!

Nada Surf – Peaceful Ghosts (Live with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg)

This collaboration is good music and you should listen to it!

Samaris – Black Lights

Beautiful and graceful on the outside, but predatory and sensually efficient in purpose. This is NOT an earbud album! Turn it up, and play it as loud as your system and/or neighbors will allow. By Lance Turner

Overhead, The Albatross – Learning To Growl

Be it pain, hope, misery, joy, agony, and/or cheerful buoyancy. There is such a broad spectrum of melodic delight to bathe in on this release. I hear it all, but I will I let you decide what speaks to you the most. As for me, I am a FANBOY!!! Just sayin’… By Lance Turner

Bright Curse – Before The Shore

I have been hard pressed to listen to anything else for the past month or so. Do yourself a favor and listen, or get left behind on a band who can occupy so many facets of hard rock. – By Lance Turner

Hexa – Bata Motel

Carrie’s lyrics are rife with life experience and ordeals beyond what should be expected from life. However, she has triumphed in allowing her experiences’ involvement to take shape in what we are hearing on this EP. Most of our readers are akin to the subversive elements of the non-mainstream music we all take in. But I implore you all to share and support Hexa, as she has so much to say in both her music and lyrics. By Lance Turner

Syberia – Resiliency

Without even a hiccup of hesitation I state that ‘Resiliency’ is an album in which you can press play and let it ride. There was not a moment I found myself wanting to skip to the next track. – By Lance Turner

Public Memory – Wuthering Drum

I urge you to expose your ears to something which may initially be confusing and make you uncomfortable. But give it more than just a cursory attendance as it has taken me the better part of two weeks to fully comprehend what I was hearing. By Lance Turner

People As Places As People – For The Time Being

People As Places As People have clearly taken their time and put their best foot forward in crafting a quality EP and I for one will be looking forward to hearing their further output as they carve out a niche within an oversaturated genre. By Lance Turner

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