Peaceful Ghosts by Nada Surf

Release date: October 28, 2016
Label: City Slang

I will start by saying that I have never heard Nada Surf. Heard of, yet never listened to their’ music. Some may say, “How dare you!”, and my only defense is that I have always traveled in different circles, been exposed to different tastes, and that Pop(Alt)-Rock has simply never been my thing…… Yes, here and there a song has caught my ear, but as a whole, I have not been captured.

Here I face an impasse, because from here I should be going through Nada Surf’s complete discography, which now spans over 20 years of music and life experience recorded therein. Despite that, I have since decided to leave my exposure to as much of an intemerate experience as possible and only allow myself to hear the contrast of each previously recorded studio track against itself with full orchestral accompaniment as arranged by Nada Surf and Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg.

What I have found is that the musicians that encompass Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg certainly know how to support an original composition. As with my examination of all tracks, both studio and orchestrated, there weren’t any melodies lost by classically trained musicians wanting to place their’ own spin on what they were hearing. Moreso a careful scrutiny of the material provided, and finding the best course to promote and advance the tone and mood of the music placed before them.

The aftermath yields two results. One is that apparently I like Nada Surf. Not only those songs that I’ve heard with a full orchestra, but also including each corresponding studio track and I will definitely be delving further into their’ earlier works….. And two is that I will be keeping an eye on the endeavors that Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg choose to pursue following this partnership with Nada Surf. Also, that while my ears are hardly trained enough to pinpoint each section: be it brass, woodwinds, strings, or percussion(I promise I am missing something), I do know good music. And simply stated, this collaboration entitled Peaceful Ghosts is good music… Oh yeah, and you should listen to it!

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