From Nothing To Eternity by Charlottas Burnin’ Trio

Release date: January 12, 2018
Label: Eggs In Aspic

Such is the way of the psych community, that it often feels that when you get passed a new piece of music, you are often privy to some kind of hidden jewel. The deeper you go into the scene, the deeper the music gets, with the connection between musician, label and fan becoming an integral part of the experience. This is something which Eggs In Aspic have latched on to with their wonderful, limited series of cassettes, bringing to light some of the weirdest music around. Of course, they’re not the first and with labels such as Rocket and Cardinal Fuzz taking care of the vinyl side, and trade in CDs at countless psych festivals spreading the music, the physical format as become an integral part of psych music.

Of course, all this means nothing unless the music is good. It is the glue that binds it all together and without it, there is nothing. Eggs In Aspic know this, and so do Charlottas Burnin’ Trio who provide the tripped out thrills on this newest release. As deep as psych gets, the music here sounds as if it has arrived from an alien space. Made all the more exciting by its limited release (at least in physical form), the actual music transcends any form of living to take you to a place ten times higher than the sun.

An exploratory journey through repetitive riffs, majestic flights of guitar fancy, jazz freakout rhythm section and a strong sense of smoky dub to give it all a heady atmosphere, this is as psychedelic as it gets. The calm, meditative moments are met by oceans of rage as the music fills every corner of your mind. One moment you will be casually drifting along to some appreciative drumming, the next you are thrust into the outer rims of a storm, battered by the collision of instruments. It’s a inner thrill ride, head music for the brave, a frightening pill for the uninitiated.

It’s been a strong year for deep psych and this release can stand alongside bands such as Earthling Society and The Cosmic Dead as one of the highlights. Unlike much instrumental psych, this carries with it a rare aspect of being eminently listenable over repeated drops. That is part of what makes this album such wonderful listen, it loses none of that trippiness as time goes on. Indeed, if anything it gains in stature.

For Eggs In Aspic, it marks what has been a somewhat extraordinary year as they cap their first twelve months with yet another fantastic release. They have encapsulated that feeling of community and can now look forward to another exciting year. As for Charlottas Burnin Trio, all we can ask is that we hear some more music very soon from them. These really are interesting times for psych.

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