Shake Rattle Fest 2018

Dates: August 12, 2018

After seeing a bunch of young kids turfed out of a DIY punk gig because the clock turned 7 pm & the pub didn’t want to lose their license, it dawned on us that even though ‘all ages’ shows are rightfully commonplace these days – there is a much younger demographic who aren’t getting their share of cathartic noise.

The first Shake Rattle Fest is a non-profit charity event with all proceeds going the amazing Project Mama – maternity action for migrants and asylum seekers. It will be at the most punk venue in New Cross – The Birds Nest & the line up is immense.

London noise-rock heroes USA Nails will headline, and joining them will be John, Honey Joy, Broker, Peach Club and Strong Arm. An eclectic plethora of lovely noise to set your children on the wrong life path.

Shake Rattle Fest is on Sunday 12th August 1-7pm. Adults £5 / Kids free – All donations go to Project Mama. ALL AGES WELCOME – Make sure your young’ns protect them ears!

The gig is being put on by the following people:

Rebecca Vincent –

Tom Parrish –

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