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Under The Influence with David Bruno from Summoning The Lich

Summoning The Lich has created a world where death metal reigns supreme and the realm of fantasy is thoroughly embraced. Vocalist David Bruno tells us about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West – Cosmic vibes from the West Coast

“This has been a time to challenge our species to its core, with the promise of better days and better ways at the end of the tunnel“

Under The Influence with Pupil Slicer

Combining all the sharp edges of angular mathcore with the bonecrushing intensity of grindcore, Pupil Slicer will certainly leave a mark on 2021. We asked the band about 3 records that have influenced them a lot.

Under The Influence with Knoll

Memphis based Knoll combine death metal and grindcore on their new album Interstice. The band tells us about 3 records that have influenced them a lot…

Under The Influence with Sarin

Canadian post-metallers Sarin tell us about the records that have influenced them the most.

Under The Influence with Alkerdeel

Stoner rockers Indica Blues tell us about 3 records that have influenced them a lot…

Under The Influence with Sturle Dagsland

As a a prelude to his forthcoming album, avant garde Norwegian singer Sturle Dagsland shares three of the records that are his biggest influences.

Under The Influence with Indica Blues

Stoner rockers Indica Blues tell us about 3 records that have influenced them a lot…

Under The Influence with Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur)

Instrumental Post Rock magician, Jamie Cameron (The Last Dinosaur) shares the three records that are his greatest influences. . .

Under the Influence | Maritime Horror Stories with Philip Byrne from Gama Bomb

Having inked a deal with Los Angeles based Prosthetic Records, Gama Bomb return with a nautical-themed album that will surely be the soundtrack to the final months of 2020 for old school metal-lovers the globe over. Inspired by Victorian …

Under The Influence – Juanita Stein

Brighton- based Australian singer-songwriter, Juanita Stein, shares the three albums that are her greatest musical influnces. . .

Eddie Van Halen – A Tribute

Eddie Van Halen: A Tribute

Under The Influence – Axel Flóvent

Icelandic singer-songwriter, Axel Flóvent, shares three records that have influenced his music.

Under The Influence – October Drift

Rising Indie rockers, October Drift, pick the four albums that are their greatest influences. . .

Under The Influence with Larry Schemel of Death Valley Girls

“There’s been so many albums and bands that are very important to me and I have so many memories connected to each one. So I focused on my formative teenage years of 13–18 with the albums that opened my mind, led me in new directions and still stay with me today.”

Under the Influence with Galen Baudhuin from Infera Bruo

Two short years after the release of Cerement, Infera Bruo returns with Rites of the Nameless; a six part subterranean odyssey through modern blackened metal. The transformative powers of those intervening years have elicited a …

Under The Influence With Eivør

The “Nordic Kate Bush”, whose music features in Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom, shares four albums that have been major influences on her. . .

Under the Influence with Undeath

Undeath are an old school death metal band from Rochester, NY. They recently signed a deal with Prosthetic Records to release their debut full-length album Lesions Of A Different Kind on October 23rd. The album contains 10 tracks of unique old sch …

Under the Influence with Pothamus

Raya is the debut album by sludge/post-rock band Pothamus, which is a 50-minutes long concept album focusing on a band that is searching for their own stories. “Respecting the intangible, we puzzled existing myths and ideas until new meanings emerged”, …

Under the Influence with Melissa Guion from MJ Guider

MJ Guider releases their new album Sour Bell Cherry today on Kranky. Sour Cherry Bell retains the glassy gauze of her debut, 2016’s Precious Systems, but shaded starker and darker, framed by mechanical rhythms and humid industrial moods. She speak …

Under the Influence with Fires In The Distance

Connecticut based melodic death-doom metal four-piece Fires In The Distance will release their debut album, titled Echoes From Deep November, via Prosthetic Records on September 18th. Over the course of six melancholic tracks, Echoe …

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