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Exclusive Album Premiere: Dragged Up – High On Ripple

Hot on the heels of the 2023 Hex Domestic EP and the single ‘Missing Person’, Dragged Up are set to release their second album, High On Ripple.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VIII. Personas.

In a sophisticated act of appropriation and detournement he managed to bring these two aspects together in his performance art as the ‘Biggles of Arabia’ persona; a composite figure visually constructed from historic images of hegemonic masculinity but who was actively engaged in propagating a world view that was in opposition to the capitalist system and the militarist nation state.

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Oscillation – ‘The Start of the End’

At once warm and welcoming, The Start Of The End is an album quite unlike anything that The Oscillation have ever released before.

Under the Influence with Talie Rose Eigeland from Teiger

Celebrating a new video and a forthcoming tour, Talie Rose chooses three albums that have proved inspirational to Teiger’s unique nu-prog sound…

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VII. Post Hawkwind Recordings.

Robert was a multidisciplinary artist of remarkable talent and diverse skills with an unusual level of productivity.

Under the Influence with Hand of Kalliach

Hand of Kalliach play a distinctive blend of melodic death metal melded with Scottish folk music. We asked John and Sophie from the band about three albums that have influenced their sound and their album Corryvreckan.

Echoes of the Past: White Willow – Ex Tenebris

Going through the second album is like looking through an old scrapbook, reflecting the wonderful memories you had.

Under the Influence – TUTUPATU

We celebrate TUTUPATU’s debut release IV as they fittingly share IV records that have been huge influences on their music.

Damo Suzuki 1950-2024

His music has touched so many people. With Damo, it’s more than just his run with CAN, but what he had accomplished by inspiring the next generation to keep his legacy alive with the Network.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work VI. Theatre.

The subject matter of Robert Calvert’s plays and intended plays evidence his political and social concerns that often found their way into Hawkwind songs. Concerns and awareness about corporate and government corruption, self perception and presentation, the deleterious effects of capitalist consumerism, technology and ethics often underpinned Robert’s writing and intended writing.

Under the Influence with Georgie Bogle from Next To Nada

Noisy four piece Next To Nada who have been cutting their teeth on the London circuit for the past year. Today they release ‘Whine, Lips’ taken of their upcoming EP release. Lyricist Georgie Bogle talks to us about 3 of the band’s biggest influences.

Under the Influence with meth.

Four years after Mother of Red Light made a dent on our psyches, meth. return with SHAME. Seven tracks of blistering, visceral agony. Drummer Andrew talks to us about some of the band’s influences.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dragged Up – ‘Missing Person’

In typical fashion, they have spawned a home-made video for the new release. With one camera and a broken tripod, we follow a self-appointed sleuth and her misplaced devotion to answering the question no-one asked: “Whatever Happened To Dragged Up?”

Under The Influence with Thee Alcoholics

Photo credit: Suzi Corker (suzicorker.com)Next month (Feb 23rd) ‘Feedback’, the debut Rocket Recordings album by Thee Alcoholics – the London 5 piece formed by ex Hey Colossus member Rhys Llewellyn – is released. Obviously, as long time fans of both HC …

Robert Calvert: Through His Work V. Collaborations.

Robert Calvert was frequently in collaborations and continually in conversation with the world around him, his work often inspired and influenced by the work of other writers.

Exclusive Video Premiere: TSO – ‘Already Knew’

Founded a decade ago by Marco and Andrea Abbrescia, TSO purveys an unadulterated 90s heavy-rock sound; songs that brim with infectious hooks, a healthy dose of distortion, melody-driven guitars and brooding vocals.

Under the Influence with Josh Graham from Guiltless

Guiltless are a new band consisting of Billy Graves (Generation of Vipers), Dan Hawkins (A Storm Of Light), Sacha Dunable (Intronaut) and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light, Battle of Mice). Josh explains more about the band through some of their influences.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Observers – ‘Moon Doom’

Introducing Observers and The Age of the Machine Entities an instrumental heavy metal reimagining of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Robert Calvert: Through His Work IV. Calvert and Temporality.

Calvert’s writings frequently explore ‘time’ and how it is experienced by the individual. From In Search of Space to the intriguing line, ‘sideways through time’, in ‘Silver Machine’, to the experience of a striking worker on Freq, Calvert plays with and explores the relationship of humanity with the past, present and future.

Temporality and Class in Hawklords’ 25 Years On

Tim Foster dives into one of the great post punk/new wave albums, ’25 Years On’, released in 1978 by Hawklords.

Under The Influence with Abrasive Trees

Totnes-scene post-rock/post-punk band Abrasive Trees, who feature a couple of members (Matthew Rochford and Ben Roberts) of the of the creators of one of E&D’s favourite albums of the year Silver Moth, have announced the premiere of their latest wo …

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