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Exclusive Video Premiere: A.L. Lacey – ‘Memo’

The crux of ‘Memo’ is Sun Tzu’s well-worn phrase, ‘keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer’. It is, by far, the angriest moment on the album. . .

White Willow – Ignis Fatuus

With Jacob Holm-Lupo’s remastering sound on Ignis Fatuus, he brings in these vibrant textures to make it sound crisp, up to date, and respectable to the original.

Under the Influence with Dylan LeBlanc

To celebrate his just-released LP, Coyote, we asked singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc to share four records that were hugely influential on his new album.

John Howard – Kid in a Big World

Howard’s the unsung hero that would have given the ‘70s singer-songwriting genre, a real massive kick in the gut.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Pound Land – New Labour

‘New Labour’, serves as perfect introduction to Pound Land and the album, Violence – all grime and grind but definitely no glitter!

Exclusive Track Premiere: Forêt Endormie – ‘La chaleur était rare’

Describing themselves as “Apocalyptic Chamber Folk”, Forêt Endormie is a chamber ensemble formed in 2016 by Falls of Rauros guitarist and composer Jordan Guerette, hailing from the “Forest City” of Portland, Maine (USA).

Under the Influence with Ex Everything

Ex Everything will release ‘Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart’ on Neurot Recordings in November. Guitarist Jon Howell talks to us about 3 records that have influenced their sound.

Exclusive Video Premiere: MXLX – ‘Kitab Siriyun’

On listening to the opening track from Saint, lead single, ‘Kitab Siriyun’, a joyful life of enheavyment and riffology can be sensed. Seismic doomy riffs with processed black n’ roll drums might sit satisfyingly between the sturm of Kverletak and the drang of Neurosis but that is just a fraction of what is going on here. . .

Under the Influence with Marthe

Marthe has her musical background in the anarcho punk scene and is inspired by riot grrrl, crust and d-beat. Ahead of the release of new album ‘Further In Evil’, check out her influences here.

Under the Influence with Justin Pearson

Don’t Fall in Love with Yourself is a new documentary by Jon Nix which is about the life and music of Justin Pearson. To celebrate its release Justin talks to us about 3 documentaries that have influenced him a lot.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Super Pink Moon – FearKnight

“From a musical point of view, it’s just home experiments, as always a mixture of all styles. Some tracks have more electronics, some less. I would love it to be listened to not as background music, but how can I force anyone, right?”

Featured Track: Honeycrush – ‘Split Lung’

“You know sometimes you just need to shut down the chatter in your brain and let yourself do what you’re doing. I’m so proud to release this song today but mostly I’m glad I wrote it when I did.”

Under the Influence with Great Falls

Seattle noise-rock outfit Great Falls is about to release their album Objects Without Pain on Neurot Recordings. Check out some of the band’s influences here.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dragged Up – Hex Domestic

Like classic CBGBs proto-punk transplanted to rain-drenched Scottish streets. . .

Video Premiere: Zahn – ‘Apricot’

A triumph of febrile imagination, ‘Apricot’ proves to be far more inspiration than perspiration. It’s not only tangerines that dream. . .

Robert Calvert: Through His Work III

Robert Calvert’s work does engage with moral questions and give expression to his own views and positions on a variety on issues ranging from capitalism, state violence, racism, corruption to vivisection.

Under the Influence with Nathe Sinfield from Outergods

Nathe Sinfield from Nottingham based death metal band Outergods speaks to Echoes and Dust about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Under the Influence with Nixil

Recent Prosthetic Records signees Nixil have released the next chapter of their existence with their sophomore album, From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire. Check out 3 of their musical influences here:

Under The Influence with Anna Brønsted (Our Broken Garden)

To celebrate her first new album since 2010, we asked Anna Brønsted to share several albums that have proved hugely influential on her during her long hiatus.

Track Premiere: Sophia Space Agency – ‘What a Mess’

Sophia Space Agency (Melpomeni Kermanidou) is a vocalist, keyboard player, composer, producer, sound artist and performance artist.

Featured Track: Lance Gurisik – Cull Portal pt. III

Cull Portal is an exploration of modal harmony and improvisation, extrapolated over the course of eight tracks. Woozing analog synths, grand piano, string section, live drums and Jeremy Rose’s tenor sax set the tone for this spiritual jazz/ electronic release.

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