All Tomorrow's Shadows by The Third Sound

Release date: May 11, 2018
Label: Fuzz Club Records

Fuzz Club Records and Berlin-based The Third Sound have released another winner with All Tomorrow’s Shadows. The title is no doubt an homage to the great Velvet Underground, a band revered by leader Hákon Aðalsteinsson, along with Robin Hughes on guitars, Antonio D’Orazio on bass, and drummer Fred Sunesen.

Their debt to Brian Jonestown Massacre also cannot be understated, as Hákon has long been acquainted with Anton Newcombe and is part of BJM’s 2018 touring band. Anton contributes vocals to ‘Photographs’, and his somewhat disembodied voice lends itself perfectly to the dark melodic strains of this song. As for the overall sound, it’s been described as something that “combines a love of 60s psychedelia and 70s post-punk”. The Seeds and Joy Division are also mentioned in the press release, but you the listener should be the judge. This is not paint by numbers paisley psych, rather, it hovers at the edges of Kraut rock and has a somewhat Motorik feel in some passages.

‘When We Finally Wake Up’ kicks off the album with almost a slow dance beat meshed with trippy guitar and keys and spacey vocals. I like the moment that the tasteful guitar solo takes off, and the rest of the song builds along with it.

‘Nine Miles Below’ is catchy and seems slated for a single, if I am any judge. And the chorus is a delight, sounding comfortably familiar. Later in the song, the dynamics change and it almost sounds like a great lost Moody Blues track. ‘Bright Shining Lights’ shimmers and kicks cosmic butt, even as it shifts in and out of serene interludes. ‘Half Alive’ seems to channel Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, but it also enlists mesmerizing drones and flowery guitars as it moves through. Far out!

‘No Exit on the Edge’ evokes Anton and company, but there is a confidence and boldness to this song and others that shifts into singular psych territory. ‘We’ll Be Together” will knock your socks off with its groovy mind trip, while “On Our Way to Desolation” mines that windswept desert psych feel that works so well in this genre. In short, this is a very good fourth album from a talented purveyor of all things psychedelic.

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