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The Bedroom Witch is an LA-based dark-pop project of recording and performance artist Sepehr Mashiahof. On October 15th, she is set to release Diaspora via Psychic Eye Records. “The dark, synth-based songs of the album investigate Mashiahof’s origin story as an Iranian-American Trans Woman — an experience of overcoming the core struggle as a first-generation immigrant.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the third track off the album titled ‘Sea of Insects’. “‘Sea of Insects’ is a track about ancestors,” Mashiahof explains. “In the world the song describes, the Bedroom Witch learns about ancestral protection and pieces together an understanding of why these spirit bugs continually build and rebuild the monument that she’s connected to. She realizes that like spellwork, the sea of insects keeps her safe from afar using this statue. With that knowledge, she finds the confidence to continue her quest to ‘Nowhere’. I imagined this story about my ancestors sculpting a statue of me after thinking about a kind of protection that I’ve felt throughout my life,” Mashiahof continues. “Living in America, are my ancestors from afar still able to look after me and keep the ‘evil eye’ from affecting me? The narrative of the story speaks to a sense of loneliness and lack of guidance that can hinder your wellbeing. In the song, I’m saying that actually, your ancestors have been with you this entire time, and you are held wherever you go by them.”  

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